Universal Studios Hollywood Update – December 6th 2015

DSCN2327 (Large)As we visited Universal Studios Hollywood to check out this year’s Grinchmas, there was a pleasant amount of change around the park to create an update for you guys. This update won’t be focused on Grinchmas, but rather on general changes around the park, the revealing of the new retail and dining facilities near the front of the park, decorations around the park, and of course Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Let’s start off with noting that the Studio Directory is updated for the Grinchmas performance aboard the Studio Tour, and the Grinchmas activities at the Universal Plaza. DSCN2266 (Large) Like a Universal Studios Hollywood tradition, most of the Upper Lot’s buildings are coated with snow. This excludes the brand new Springfield. DSCN2265 (Large) DSCN2267 (Large) The path leading to the Studio Tour has replaced all its banners with Grinchmas related ones. DSCN2270 (Large) Don’t miss out on the Studio Tour during Grinchmas, as the Who-Ville sets host a 3 minute musical performance.DSCN2273 (Large) As I touched upon earlier, there’s not much (if any at all) holiday related theming in Springfield. Besides projected snowflakes on the Simpson’s Ride building at night, there are these flowers over at the entrance to the area.DSCN2282 (Large) Little Paris and Little London are on the Upper Lot, which pretty much means both areas are covered in a layer of snow. DSCN2285 (Large) DSCN2296 (Large) DSCN2297 (Large) The buildings around Super Silly Funland and Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem were also appropriately decorated for the time of year. DSCN2298 (Large) Both the entries to the Lower Lot and the Studio Tour have received decorations, nicely complimenting the styles of the signs. DSCN2300 (Large) DSCN2269 (Large) The Hollywood Grille is still under construction and will reopen in February as a new dining place to compliment the new retail and dining location across from it. DSCN2310 (Large) The new retail and dining center is slowly being revealed. The entire side of the Universal Plaza is now to be seen by the public, though construction inside continues, the outside over there is done. It does look quite nice, very colorful. Though I’d rather have seen a new higher capacity ride in that spot. It was quite some room this new complex took in. DSCN2308 (Large) DSCN2309 (Large) 20151206_122939 (Large) In the little Paris section of the Upper Lot, construction walls still surround Mel’s, that will either be remodeled or replaced.20151206_115004 (Large)20151206_115006 (Large) In addition the French Street Bistro is currently closed for refurbishment.20151206_115002 (Large) Down on the Lower Lot the reconstruction of the old NBCUniversal experience building continues. I believe it’ll turn into a store or dining location. Right next door on Transformers The Ride- 3D, some projectors have been replaced, creating crystal clear images, while some others are almost entirely green and could benefit from an upgrade. 20151206_140743 (Large) Let’s move on to the amazingness we call the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Interiors of the shops in Hogsmeade are currently being worked on. DSCN2312 (Large) Over at the Forbidden Journey, the green-house line for the ride seems to be near finished. DSCN2314 (Large) A quick look at the majestic Hogwarts castle. DSCN2315 (Large) To the back of the castle, where the big ‘show building’ is located that you can see next to the green house, is where the actual Forbidden Journey ride is positioned. Leads of operations have started training with the ride. Little is known regarding what phase they’re in.DSCN2305 (Large) The Flight of the Hippogriff coaster has been testing for a while now. Hagrid’s hut next to the ride is also shaping up nicely. DSCN2303 (Large) Here’s a last quick look at the wonder. Wizarding World of Harry Potter will most likely open in April of 2016, the park’s opening hours are 8:00AM-10:00PM or 11:00PM for many days that month, indicating that Harry Potter crowds are probably in full swing that month! Keep in mind that Universal Studios Hollywood is making a huge and important announcement regarding Wizarding World of Harry Potter tomorrow, December 8th! EDIT: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD ANNOUNCED THAT THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER WILL OPEN APRIL 7TH! DSCN2302 (Large) That was it for this Universal Studios Hollywood Update, we’ve got a wonderful look at Grinchmas coming up soon, so stay tuned for a lot more Universal Studios Hollywood, very soon!DSCN2352 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this Universal Studios Hollywood Update! Make sure to comment your thoughts below! Will you come visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter soon?

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