Mythica- Legoland Windsor: A first look

It’s safe to say that 2021 is a huge year for the UK theme park industry. There have been new additions across the UK such as The World of David Walliams, Croc Drop and of course Tornado Springs (read our article here). However, one of the most exciting additions will open this Saturday (29th May) at Legoland Windsor Resort. We were so lucky to be able to explore LEGO Mythica before it opened to the public and would love to share a first look with you. Warning: this article contains spoilers!

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LEGO Mythica is a parallel dimension to the real world, where LEGO creatures come to life. On every occasion that someone creates a LEGO creature, it comes to life in this alternate universe. At Legoland Windsor, from the 29th May, you can step inside the portal to this alternate universe. Inside you can discover all sorts of mystifying creatures. Legoland Windsor is the first LEGO park worldwide to incorporate the Mythica theme and it’s one of the most modern theme park experiences out there. Your journey into the realm starts as soon as you enter the portal…

Entrance to LEGO Mythica

Once inside Mythica, the depths of your imagination will become a reality as you discover the creatures which call this mystical realm home and watch them animate and come to life. Mythica is home to a variety of different attractions and experiences, each with their own modern and unique twist, which add to the immersion of the trip through the magical realm.

Breathtaking LEGO models

In Mythica, you can discover thirteen colossal LEGO models, which have been hand-crafted out of LEGO bricks. These thirteen models are built with over 1.7 million LEGO bricks in total. There’s so many different creatures to discover, each with their own back story. These creatures will come to life during your ride on Flight Of The Sky Lion.

The most impressive LEGO model which has been hand-crafted in Mythica is Maximus, the Sky Lion. Maximus stands impressively at the entrance to the attraction “The Flight of The Sky Lion”, which we will talk more about shortly. Maximus himself is constructed from 685,530 LEGO bricks and weighs over 2 tonnes. He is a pretty impressive sight and a grand photo opportunity.

Awe-inspiring attractions

A trip out of this world to the world of Mythica also means that you are able to discover five exciting attractions for the whole family to enjoy. These attractions are all family-friendly but still thrilling at the same time. This marks a step up for Legoland in the attractions on offer to guests. Each attraction is well-themed, incorporates the magical creatures of the world of Mythica and features fun and modern twists and surprises.

Hydra’s Challenge

Entrance to Hydra’s Challenge

The first attraction which the parallel universe of Mythica offers to guests is Hydra’s Challenge. Hydra’s Challenge is impressively guarded by Duo. Duo is a sea serpent with two heads, constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks. Duo has large, pointed white fangs, menacing green eyes and red and green scales on its neck.

Hydra’s Challenge is guarded by Duo.

Indeed, Hydra’s Challenge is an interactive water ride, in which you stand up in levitating vehicles which glide above the water. Additionally, each car is fitted with a steering wheel which means you can twist and turn and skim over the surface of the water. Even more exciting, spectators can interactively trigger water effects which soak the riders on-board! You might have notice that Hydra’s Challenge is a refurbishment of the classic attraction “Squid Surfer”. However, we must say it’s looking really fresh, bright and magical with the new colour scheme and theming!

Fire & Ice Freefall

Fire & Ice Freefall are a pair of brand new family drop towers, where the whole family can experience weightlessness with crystal flame. These drop towers are double family free-fall towers, manufactured by Zierer rides. Moreover, these drop towers have been made to look futuristic and mystical with their vibrant colour scheme and LED screens on the top with fire and ice digital imagery. One of my personal favourite things about the presentation of these drop towers is the way the colour scheme has made the towers out to look like they are constructed out of LEGO bricks. Board onto the brand new free-fall towers in Mythica and feel icy chills run down your spine as you conquer your fear of heights.

Fire & Ice double free-fall towers

Flight of the Sky Lion

Brace yourself and prepare for the most breathtaking ride in Mythica. This is UK’s first ever flying theatre ride. Therefore, it’s an attraction which has never been seen before in the UK . Meet Maximus, the Sky Lion, who stands grandly at the entrance and comes to life during your flight on his wings…

Maximus stands proudly at the entrance.

Once you enter the queue through the entrance archway, you will wait to be greeted by Bitsandbobs, the most adorable creature in the whole of Mythica. While you wait you can watch screens around the queue-line which will introduce you to all the creatures that you are going to come across during your flight. Once you move through to the pre-show room, Bitsandbobs will brief you before you board the wings of Maximus.

Entrance to Flight of the Sky Lion
UK’s first ever Flying Theatre.

Take your seats on Maximus’ wings and begin your flight through the parallel world of Mythica. You will be immersed into a digital, animated motion-picture experience which is enhanced by effects such as sound, smells and water. During your flight you will encounter some of the most magical creatures in Mythica and plants like venus fly traps which will come to life. However, beware of Mythica’s most terrifying creatures, such as Chimera, who has four heads. During your flight you may find yourself having to escape from some of the evil in Mythica and Maximus might have to save you!

Once you have met all of the creatures which inhabit Mythica, Maximus will return you safely in the gondola back down to the ground. Grab your belongings and head back out and discover the rest of Mythica. Well, that’s if you don’t go round again! You will want to!

Attraction show building.

Other attractions

Mythica is also home to a couple of other attractions for younger explorers to enjoy in the magical realm. Young adventurers can visit Creature Creation, where they can create their own chimerical and legendary creatures. Of course, one day your own creations might come to life in the world of Mythica. Younger visitors can also discover a play area, where you can slide out of the head of a flamed-tongue dragon.

Play area in Mythica for children

A place for hungry trolls

Mythica offers a range of different food options for those who have stepped into the supernatural and futuristic world. You can stop at Beastly Bites for a snack or head to the Hungry Troll Restaurant. In fact, at the Hungry Troll, the trolls will greet you themselves outside the restaurant. Next, these mystical LEGO creatures will invite you to try out fish, which they have caught themselves! You can’t go wrong with a delicious fish & chips to energise you to explore deeper into the realms of Mythica!

Augmented Reality Experience

Your futuristic experience in Mythica will truly come to life through the use of augmented reality (AR). Download the Legoland Windsor Resort app and watch your imagination ignite. AR is a futuristic and interactive experience which is used in mobile apps such as Pokemon Go. AR has started to be incorporated into the theme park industry worldwide. Furthermore, Legoland leads the way in the UK by introducing a completely unique experience. The incorporation of AR into theme parks has not been seen before in the UK and Legoland have created an absolutely incredible interactive element to Mythica.

AR activation point

Whilst you’re exploring the mystical realm of Mythica, look out for AR activation points. Hint: these are located near to the LEGO sculptures. Open up the Legoland Windsor Resort app and scan the activation code. Watch the mystical LEGO creatures and guardians come to life through your phone. Personally, I enjoyed watching Maximus and Duo come to life the most and my imagination being taken out of the real world.

See Maximus come to life
Duo comes to life through the Legoland app

Discover the world of Mythica

Mythica will open at Legoland Windsor Resort on the 29th May 2021 for the public to discover. Our overall impressions of the area were really positive. First of all, the theming, music and atmosphere in the area is really detailed and immersive. The area is really futuristic and takes you into another world beyond your imagination. Furthermore, The Flight of The Sky Lion is an absolutely incredible multimedia and multi-sensory flying theatre ride. We love the use of digital, animated motion-pictures as well sound, water & smell effects. Flight of The Sky Lion is arguably the best dark ride attraction in the UK and one of the best in Europe. It’s comparable with Voletarium at Europa Park. Our only improvement for Flight of The Sky Lion is that the queue-line itself could have been more detailed and immersive for those waiting.

Overall, the area is one of the best themed areas in the UK and is up there with Tornado Springs & Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park in relation to theming and detail. We cannot recommend a trip to Legoland Windsor to discover the realm of Mythica highly enough!

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