Monster Construction – Gröna Lund – November 2020

Next year, we can expect some major coasters in Europe. Besides the two anticipated coasters in Belgium and the new coaster additions of Energylandia, we can also look forward to a major addition in Sweden. Yes, Gröna Lund gets the newest B&M in Europe under the name: Monster. Thanks to the lovely Fabh Adventures, we received some wonderful pictures of the construction.

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Gröna Lund should be a park on your to-do list. The location itself gives it a unique charm being right on the water. Several rides are located close to it and you can arrive at the park by boat. So far, the park had 7 coasters in its lineup. If you love classic Schwarzkopf coasters, you don’t want to miss out on the custom Jetline. The most recent addition dates back from 2011 with the Gravity Group Twister. Besides the Intamin Zac Spin Insane, they didn’t have a real major thrilling coaster yet as the park mainly aims for families. Now, 10 years later, they add their biggest coaster addition yet. Monster will be a custom B&M Inverted coaster and the 7th of its kind in Europe.

The invert will be be 111.5 feet (34 m) tall and reach a top speed of 55.9 mph (90 km/h). Expect three thrilling inversions along the 2,296.6 feet (700 m) track including a Zero G-Roll, a Jr. Corkscrew and another Zero-G.  The first images that popped up, were about the construction of the lift hill.

Just look at it with the beautiful scene of Stockholm.

And that’s when it really started drawing attention because of the enormous supports!

The drop itself looks incredible too. It looks like if you love it on Oziris at Parc Astérix, you’ll adore it here too!

The park has a pretty small footprint compared to some other parks. Because of that, most of the rides intertwine with each other which offers a stunning display of coasters and rides. Like here you can see Ikaros, their unique Sky Jump.

As construction continues, now the first Zero-G has been put in place.

After Valkyria at Liseberg and Fenix at Toverland, it remained pretty quiet with new B&M additions in Europe. The ride got announced pretty early back in 2017 but the wait turned out to be longer than expected. Now, to finally see this track pieces up, it still gives the excitement you might have forgotten when a B&M coaster gets constructed.

Of course competition has become heavy with Intamin taking the lead in a lot of recent European additions. B&M might have to step up its game innovation-wise but it does play to its strengths by adding a ride like this. A super compact, yet major coaster which sure will attract guests to explore Gröna Lund again.

To end, FABH Adventures also makes incredible Youtube videos so check out this video update and subscribe to the channel for future updates!

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