Asia Coaster News – Mid-November 2020

Avid readers may know we’re quite interested in the Asian theme park scene. China is seeing an incredible boom of attractions and theme parks and we love to see all of the new projects come together. In the past all of our Asia content on the site has been related to our own trips to these parks. Now we’re expanding information on new projects beyond our Facebook pages in site updates. Enjoy our first installation of Asia Coaster News.

– The vast majority of images found on this website are owned by us, and thus require you to give us credit when using/posting these elsewhere. For many of these projects in Asia, we do not own the images! We will list the source of the images in every section of the below post. If you wish to use these images, please ensure you provide proper credit for the appropriate channels/sources listed. Thank you! –

Nanjing Happy Valley (Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

We’ll start with the exciting opening of a new Happy Valley park in the Jiangsu province of China. This province borders Shanghai and is very easily accessible. We spent some time in the province on our last trip, visiting parks like HB World, Wuxi Sunac Land, World Joyland, and China Dinosaurs Park. The province is bursting at the seams with new projects and theme parks, many of which are great to tag on to a trip to the region and are already scheduled in our next itineraries.

Nanjing Happy Valley is a large new OCT project that takes the likes more of a Sunac park than the older OCT properties (Happy Valleys). The park soft opened this week and is home to several impressive attractions. Currently the majority of the park’s rides have opened, including the Forest Predator Wing Coaster, a clone of the installment at Happy Valley Chongqing. This version, however, has a backwards facing row and a lot more theming, which seems to be a recent focus of the OCT Group.

A POV of the backwards seating gives you a good idea of the layout, theming, and perhaps ride experience itself:

The park is also home to what lists as a coaster ‘similar’ to Cheetah Hunt. The coaster, by the name of Light of Revenge, is Cheetah Hunt-inspired with about 50% original elements. The ride is Sci-Fi themed but has yet to open. The coaster is scheduled to be open next Spring for the park’s first full season. These shots of the coaster will help you see the original/unique elements as well as the Cheetah Hunt moments:

Please note that the above images and video were found on Roller Coaster Dream, a wonderful source of Chinese coaster projects, POVs, and more!

Forest World (Suzhou, Jiangsu, China)

Staying in the Jiangsu province, this park is located close to HB World, one of our biggest surprises on our 2019 trip to the region. Forest World is currently home to a custom Golden Horse (Jinma Rides) Tilt Coaster named Broken Rail Roller Coaster, a Golden Horse wild mouse, and a jungle-themed dark ride using technology found on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey rides. The park is now adding the tallest MACK Rides coaster to date, a 203 ft. tall launch coaster by the name of Hurricane Roller Coaster. This coaster features impressive acrobatics, including a Top Hat, Immelman, Cobra Roll, Vertical Loop and several intense ejector-airtime hills.

The coaster is expected to open in 2021 and is already shaping up to be amazing.

The above images were found on Roller Coaster Master, another Chinese-based theme park page that seriously deserves more likes. So hit them up and follow their content!

Chongqing Sunac Land (Chongqing, China)

One of the cities I am very much looking forward to visiting is the mega city of Chongqing, the fastest growing city in China. Recently established as its own jurisdiction/province (think of other Mega Cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin), this megalopolis is well know for their incredibly spicy hot pot. Now the region is also starting to get known for their theme parks as there is now a Happy Valley, a Sunac Land, and soon-to-be Nickelodeon Universe to be found. The Sunac Land project just opened this fall and is home to Intamin’s tallest Impulse coaster (229 ft. tall) named Legendary Twin Dragon.

Thank you to VHCoasters for the above video. This is one of our go-to sources for Asian construction updates all across the continent.

Fantawild Oriental Glorious (Ganzhou, Zhejiang, China)

Our next big park project takes us to a Fantawild park! Fantawild is one of the three big regional theme park chains in China. Fantawild is a big client of Vekoma rides, and their parks are home to many of the new loopers of the Dutch manufacturer. This new Ganzhou park is home to spectacular looking Vekoma Top Gun coaster, appropriately themed to launching off an aircraft carrier! The park is also home to a Vekoma Family Boomerang, as well as a plethora of dark rides.

The above images were found on Roller Coaster Master.

Dragon Valley (Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

Back to the Jiangsu province we go! Another park in Nanjing we’re excited for is the gorgeous Dragon Valley theme park. This half-indoor half-outdoor dragon inspired park will be home to a fun family racing coaster by Golden Horse (Jinma Rides).

As well as a Vekoma Shockwave! The park was initially planned for 2020, but is now expected to open in 2021.

The above images were found on Roller Coaster Master.

Fantawild Thaizhou (Thaizhou, Jiangsu, China)

The next Fantawild park is also in the Jiangsu province. (Seriously, this place is poppin’! You can go on a 2-week trip here and not run out of theme parks). This park will be home to a Vekoma Energy Storm, a similar coaster to the variations of the ride found in many of its parks across the chain, including Changsha, Taiyuan, Handan, and Sichuan. – Almost every recent park in the chain has a Vekoma launcher/looper/etc!

The above images were found on Roller Coaster Master.

Universal Studios Beijing (Beijing, China)

Ah! A project most of our readers should be quite familiar with! Universal Studios Beijing Resort is slated to open next year (2021) and brings four new roller coasters, a bunch of dark rides and themed lands. The resort is also home to two hotels and a CityWalk. We’ll focus on the two most impressive coasters opening with the resort: a new MACK Rides family suspended coaster (Like Arthur in Europa-Park) for Jurassic World, as well as an updated version of Hulk, themed to Transformers and named DeceptiCoaster

These are just a few images to demonstrate the state of the project and to zoom in on some of the coasters that will open with the park. Make sure you head over to Themeparx for very detailed reports on the project!

The detailed images for DecepticCoaster below come from Weibo:

Fantawild Huai’an (Huai’an, Jiangsu, China)

Our last Fantawild park of this report is also located in Jiangsu and will be home to the chain’s third/fourth Vekoma Top Gun (there are two Top Gun coasters in the chain planned to open the same year). This park is still in the early stages of construction, but will likely be similar to the above park in Ganzhou and is expected to open in 2022. The park’s Vekoma Junior Coaster has already started vertical construction, the pieces for the Top Gun coaster have been delivered and are stored on-site, ready to be installed:

Thank you to VHCoasters for the above pictures.

Nickelodeon Universe Chongqing (Chongqing, China)

Last but not least is yet another Nickelodeon Universe park! This time, we’re finding it in China in the mega city of Chongqing. The park is located within the appropriately named ‘China Mall’ and will be home to several record breakers.

The highlight attraction will be the TMNT Turbo Turtle Power, a record breaking indoor coaster with a 142 ft. drop, 8 inversions, a max. speed of 62 mph, and a track length of 3451 ft! From the looks of it, this may be a custom Intamin looper.

Next up is Surf Warrior/ Mikey’s Halfpipe, an Intamin Half Pipe Coaster:

And the exciting Shredder’s Revenge! Based on the artwork provided, it looks like this too is an Intamin project, the 2nd spinning coaster of its kind:

For more details on the page, the Chinese website is available here! (Use your browser’s auto-translator).

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