MEGA Steel Curtain Update – March 2019

Sean: Today we bring you coverage from a new region! Welcome to one of the world’s largest looping coasters! Kennywood’s Steel Curtain will feature 9 inversions, most of which are quite unique. Let’s take a look at the the yellow and black beast under construction!

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Let’s get started with the fascinating, yet overly bright, super structure of the S&S Sansei coaster.

Support work is currently still in full swing in anticipation for more black track to be added. Most of which is already on site.

Reaching 220 feet into the sky, this inversion-heavy beast is actually also a hyper coaster! Quite a bit taller than racer.

One of many inversions featured is a Sea Serpent roll, sort of a roll-over, and is not an element we see too often. About half of the element has been constructed so far.

The turnaround that sticks out on the far end of the ride is mostly completed, the support structure of the highlight under-over element is basically finished.

Pictures from afar do a great job demonstrating not only how large the coaster is, but also how much has yet to be built.

Luckily most support pieces and track pieces are on site for the quick rising of this massive coaster. A truckload of chains for the coaster has also arrived at Kennywood already.

The lift pieces seen here have now been installed and the ride has been topped off, the rest of the track not shown in this update has yet to be added.

Even though they’re different manufacturers, the track for Steel Curtain looks an awful lot like that of Premier Rides’ Sky Rocket.

Let’s take another look at what I find most visually pleasing so far, the ride’s airtime hill with a hangtime element below!

An ocean of supports and track can be seen off in the distance, quite far removed from the actual construction site.

The ride won’t just be a massive staple in the park, but really for the surrounding neighborhoods and industrial centers too!

The coaster’s corkscrew element and cutback have been completed as you may have seen in some other recent pictures.

Let’s not forget about the park’s first true hyper coaster that will forever provide the best airtime.

The main superstructure for the lift has now been completed (after this picture was taken) and the lift hill has been added.

And so the skyline is drastically changed forever. I wonder how well the yellow paint is going to keep up. We’ve all seen how X at Six Flags Magic Mountain looked after just a few years.

The yellow however does look amazingly pretty with a setting sun.

Here’s a better overlook of the entire park, and what the skyline looks like now. With Phantom’s Revenge and Steel Curtain, everything else looks incredibly small.

Here are some more great shots of what the ride looks like and what has been built so far:

I’m in love with the way these Kennywood arrows point at the newest thrill ride!

In case you forgot how incredibly tall this coaster will be in comparison with most other Kennywood attractions:

We also captured Steel Curtain progress in the snow! Take a look!

Okay, back to sun-filled pictures. No one wants THAT much snow.

We’re incredibly excited for this one-of-a-kind looper coming to the US. I’m particularly excited to see what S&S was able to do, as this isn’t a usual type of coaster for them.

We’ll close out the report with some sunset pictures of the new skyline of Kennywood!

Thank you for checking out this Steel Curtain update! Thanks to our friends Joel and Ken for providing these pictures! Check out recent updates and reports such as:

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