FAA Filing Confirms RMC Gwazi will be 210 Feet Tall!

While some general details were announced on March 1st, the RMC conversion of Gwazi still largely remains a mystery. Now, thanks to a document recently filed with the FAA, we can confirm at least one stat of the new coaster – it will be 210 feet tall!

FAA Gwazi Permit

When the RMC Gwazi conversion opens in 2020, it will be North America’s tallest hybrid coaster, edging out Steel Vengeance by a mere 5 feet. It’s rumored that “Zadra” at Energylandia in Poland will take the crown as the world’s tallest hybrid coaster when it opens in late 2019 (or early 2020, given a recent setback).  RMC Gwazi will also hold the records for fastest and steepest hybrid coaster, with a rumored 91° first drop.

BGT 2020

We certainly can’t wait for this new coaster to open in 2020! Be sure to stay tuned to Coaster Kings for all the latest news and updates on the project!

RMC Gwazi

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