Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update -3/13/19

Derrion: Hey Coaster Royalty! It’s been a while since we did a Six Flags Magic Mountain park update. This has been a very slow winter, with not much change from week to week. However, it does look like change is on the horizon with new additions in the park (and a West Coast Racers construction update).

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Park News

At the park entrance there is a new kiosk that allows guest to purchase/upgrade to a Six Flags membership. This is also where you can find out more information regarding the current memberships offered.  Each membership comes with different discounts and perks.

The restrooms at the Six Flags Plaza are still under refurb. I love that the park is taking time to re do a lot of the restrooms in the park.

Today’s mission was to try something new at the park on my visit. The Go Fresh Cafe is an amazing addition to the park’s food line up. It offers vegetarian and vegan options that are all so yummy! I did not have it on this visit but I would totally recommend it.

I was on pursuit for a Greek pita sandwich and got just that at Food Etc. It is unfortunate that I had a bad customer service experience with an employee working  here, which put a damper on my experience at the park. There is no need to go into further detail, but it would be great if Six Flags could focus a tad bit more on the customer service experience. Luckily, I don’t allow for things to get to me so easily, and got the mango Dole Whip soft serve which cheered me up. Its dairy free and for my first time trying it, I give it five stars.

There seemed to be a lot of ride closures in the park today. It was a bit windier than normal and most of the major attractions were closed. Goliath, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, X2, Ninja, Scream, Riddler’s Revenge, and now Jet Stream. Jet Stream is actually down for its annual maintenance but there is still no word on why the other attractions  were  closed  for  the  day.

And just like that…The man of steel lives again! Superman: Escape From Krypton is open again after its current hiatus.
With so many other attractions closed in the park, it made it that much more difficult to ride the few that were open. Including this beauty! The wait time was over 30 min on a Wednesday in off peak season.   

Thanks to my Diamond Elite pass, the skip the line passes came in handy and I was able to get a ride on Tatsu. Tatsu now has rainbow led wheels, and we are here for it.

Crazanity was also a bit of a wait, but I could not help but get picture of this beauty. This Zamperla Giant Discovery has been a hit since it was released and is not even a year old yet.

Full Throttle has been running amazing these days.  I can wait for the  new kid on the block, West Coast Racers. It is sure to be a hit once it finally is completed as I am already in love with the manufacturer. More on this next!

West Coast Racers

I am excited to announce that there is finally movement on the West Coast Racers construction site! It is important to know that supports have arrived on site and will soon inhabit this section. The footing casting is now complete.

Over near the Cyclone 500, all of the guard rails have been removed to make way for the supports that will soon tower over the race track. From this vantage point you can also see that the footer casting has been completed on this site and concrete should be poured in the near future for the footers and supports.

The rebar in the shot will reinforce the footers once concreted is poured  into  the  casting.

There is no current work to the buildings. At this rate the area may not be complete until early Fall. Apocalypse is still being re tracked.

The footer casting extends to the station site as well. We should see more concrete and reinforcement bars added to this area as well.

Well as always thank you all for reading, we will be back with more updates regularly as West Coast Racers pick up.

3 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update -3/13/19”

  1. Quick question: in the second picture with the bathrooms, those aren’t the ones next to the carousel, right? Where are those bathrooms located exactly, I don’t recognize them at all and it’s driving me bonkers!

    Also, LOL why are there BARS on the doors with locks like there’s some valuable treasure in those bathrooms?! Good god it’s only urinals and toilets! It makes the park look SO ghetto.

    Very nice pictures but for some reason Magic Mountain just looks a tad delapitated right now. It was that way the last time I had a pass, and it doesn’t look like much has changed, big reason why I stopped buying passes 3-4 years ago. Also not a lot of hype around West Coast Racers, I don’t see that ride opening until Fall, and it doesn’t seem like they’re in any rush.

    Gotta say, it’s great to have an update from you all, but the writing and grammatical errors in the commentary of this update made the article pretty poor in quality. Atleast give the writing a read through once or twice before you publish, it would really make a difference!

  2. Tatsu has led wheels?! I had no idea and had to check out some YouTube vids of them. So cool!
    Thanks for the heads up and great update!!!

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