Aquatica Orlando – KareKare Curl Construction Update March 1st, 2019

Sean: We spent this lovely morning at SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica water park. With short lines and lovely weather, we knocked out all major attractions in just a few hours. On the way out we snapped some pictures of the new KareKare Curl slide, set to open in a few months.

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The slide’s main tower, where guests will climb up the stairs to board the rafts has been constructed. Now the handrails will be added next and then the slide entry and roofing. Right now it doesn’t look very “Aquatica” yet, but we’re confident it will soon.

In the past few week or so,  the main element of the slide has been completed.

The color scheme of the slide looks awesome so far. A nice mix of blue, orange and green create a very aesthetically pleasing look already!

The vertical wall, which is the ride’s signature “wave” simulation element is visible from I-Drive and will be a great marquee attraction for the park. Water slides are usually constructed very rapidly, so expect the slide to come together quickly.

From inside the  park, the location is amazing, as it will be located right next to  the park’s wave  pools!

Soon we’ll include a full park walk-through for you all to enjoy!

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