Universal Studios Hollywood Update- February 25, 2019

Derrion: There are so many exciting changes going on at Universal Studios Hollywood and I could not have been more excited to show you them. The Lunar New Year celebration has concluded and the park has moved into full swing on the new 2019 addition(s). Lets take a look!

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It was such an easy day in the park today. The wait times were extremely manageable.

The Universal Plaza is now completely closed post Lunar New Year Celebration.It will be interesting to see what will be here in the coming months as the park begins to move quickly on the new 2019 project(s).

The restrooms ares still only accessible from the entrance to Despicable Me:Minion Mayhem. This should change in the coming months once the new rumored Secret Life of Pets project opens.

Speaking of the new project. The new attraction show building is starting to take shape.

There were a lot of construction workers on site hard at work.

From this angle you can see that the building is being prepped to be enclosed. This project is moving extremely fast and we would not be surprised if it opened around the time of the Jurassic World  project this year,  more  on this later.

Just a cross the way Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem was a walk on. Why not go become a minion for the day!

Minions love bananas, but it was hard for me to resist the Thrilled to be Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It was my first time trying it and highly recommend  it.

On a time crunch, I decided to eat my lunch over at WaterWorld today. Did you know the show has been running at this park for more than 20 years!
As always it is an amazing action packed show. I was surprised this time because I almost caught the golf ball the Deacon shoots into the audience. It was a bad idea .

Having not seen the show in a while I forgot how immersive it can be. There are tons of actors in all directions that weave in and out of the audience. The entire arena is the stage and WaterWorld does a great job of keeping the excitement level high.

The WaterWorld cast is not the only members that can keep you guessing. The Mystery Inc. was on the prowl for new clues and it just so happened that I was able to be that distraction.

There is nothing like the beauty of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter . I will forever be grateful for this project,it is one of the only things I visit the park for.

I have been to The Three Broomsticks countless times, but funny I never  noticed that there were three broom sticks at the entrance of the restaurant. Theming is everything!

As always The WWOHP does justice to all of its elements. Including this neat Hogwarts crest right at the entrance to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

If you are ever in Springfield and need a great place to eat, the extended dining area behind Duff Brewery is a great spot that many guest do not know about. This dining area is accessible from Luigi’s Pizza, Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck, and the Duff Brewery.

Heading down to the lower lot, there was a ton of construction workers on site for the rumored Super Nintendo World  and Jurassic World construction site.

The Jurassic World construction site is taking shape and extends to the former Jurassic Outfitters store and Jurassic Cafe.

The show building is completely painted on this side.

On the right side of the show building a large T-Rex now looms over guest as you go down the escalators. This addition to the building looks great and it looks to be about complete. Many of the construction towers are being removed.

There is new work just outside of the final splash that may be used for the new raptor encounter area. We are excited that this classic area is receiving some love and it will look amazing once completed.

Over on the Jurassic World attraction, the entire first turn around is completely enclosed now. It is rumored that his will be where guest encounter the Mosasaurus. There is no visible change on the other scenes of the previous Jurassic Park  ride or to the queue line. I did see many cranes removing and replacing  objects in this zone.

The new colors on the building look spectacular.

There is no visible work done to the Jurassic Park arch way as well. This entire area will receive the same paint job scheme soon. 

We are pleased to see actual signs in the park for the restrooms on the lower lot. As previously reported the restrooms were closed due to the Jurassic World construction, however they are open using the entrance near Panda Express.

Last but not least, large pillars have sprung up over the entire area which will be used to for building supports in the rumored Super Nintendo World project. Universal Studios Hollywood has not announced any opening dates for any of the three new projects but we suspect we will here news soon for the upcoming attractions opening this summer.

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