Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 20, 2019

Alexander: It’s been months since our last visit to our most-visited park, Six Flags Magic Mountain. While we love living in Orlando, we dearly miss our old home base! Plenty of changes are in motion during our first Magic Mountain visit of 2019, so let’s take a look!

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After what felt like an eternity, our beloved Viper finally reopened. There was much rejoicing. 

The back half of Magic Mountain is still completely off limits for West Coast Racers construction, but I can’t say the artery is missed. We’d rather go up to Samurai Summit anyway.

Ninja has always given excellent rides. Now it gives excellent views of West Coast Racers construction!

Also rolled up in the construction is Apocalypse, a lot of which is missing. Lots of track work happing!

Despite bitterly cold weather (by SoCal standards), Jet Stream is open for those who crazy enough to ride!

Halfway down “Heart Attack Hill” is am improved view of the construction zone. A lot of pruning has taken place around Ninja and Jet Stream.

Surprise, surprise! All 3 Ninja trains are on the track right now!

I feel like Apocalypse is a bit of a money pit. They keep doing track work on it, but the ride keeps sucking. *shrug*

We’re curious to see how West Coast Racers will compare to Full Throttle.

We didn’t ride Jet Stream this time, but we did walk the queue for views!

As you can see, footers for West Coast Racers have yet to be poured, though ride pieces are now (finally) on property (not photographed by us due to security monitoring of the parking lot).

I’m really just excited about the new views of (and from) Ninja come this summer/fall!

Time to check out the preview center!

Since our last update, Cyclone 500 has closed for construction. The park now dead-ends right at the Sky Coaster and the West Coast Racers preview center.

Mini car nose on display!

Look what’s new! Six Flags Magic Mountain NanoCoasters from CoasterDynamix! Now we just need a Viper one…

Through the locked doors we rebar being cut for footers!

Once these rebar pieces are in place, the concrete can be poured for the footers.

You may laugh, but I wouldn’t be surprised if West Coast Racers was delayed for weather (among other reasons). It actually snowed the day after our visit!

Behold! Our new area in the flesh!

It’s not easy to see, but over by Slingshot is some major digging for some of WCR‘s heftier footers.

I kinda miss some of the big trees around here, but I’m excited for the new foliage! Hopefully the palm trees actually make it out of the concept art.

Can’t wait to see the Candy Kitchen’s makeover. There’s lots of room for redevelopment!

As optimistic as we are about the new area, Boardwalk reminds us to keep realistic expectations. Six Flags Magic Mountain splurged on these lovely gate signs, but couldn’t be bothered to repaint the tables that they moved in front of CraZanity. Mismatched blue and black table sets with varying degrees of rust are not a good look for a brand new area.

Meanwhile, menus are changing all around the park. The pirate restaurant has some new offerings!

And GoFresh Cafe has replaced Loaded Dogs in front of Full Throttle.

Speaking of Full Throttle, Magic Mountain finally gave up on the concept of using the ride’s entrance as a stage. The proof? Permanent queue rails have been installed!

Also! One of the park’s original bathrooms is receiving a makeover! Always nice to see the park make improvements like these.

That concludes our Six Flags Magic Mountain update! We’ll keep you up to date as West Coast Racers steadily develops! Don’t forget to check out our new Knott’s Berry Farm Update!

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  1. About time those bathrooms get remodeled had to go in there back in September because I got motion sick after crazanity and wow those were probably the worse restrooms in the park also it’s interesting that their changing food places and menu’s I always loved fresh cut fries but I can’t see why they would turn it into a fish and chips place hopefully they continue to work on food

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