Knott’s Berry Farm Update – February 19, 2019

Alexander: It’s great to be back in California for a little bit! Our 3-day visit included visits to all of our LA-area favs, starting with Knott’s Berry Farm! It’s been about 4 months since our last visit, and we’re seeing a lot of positive changes!

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We got a nice surprise when riding Montezooma’s Revenge. Do you see what I see? A Montezooma vehicle!

But how can this be? All 7 Montezooma’s Revenge vehicles are in attendance! Turns out Knott’s still has two complete trains for their priceless Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop! 

Knott’s enthusiasts may be aware that Montezooma has had a spare train at various points in its life, but the last known photographs of a 2nd Montezooma train are about 20 years old. What’s unlcear is if that spare train is the same train we see today, or if one became a parts donor and a “new” train was acquired. Either way, Mont’s new train is a sight to see!

Always happy to see Xcelerator actually open. Still the best launch of any coaster in the Western World!

Time to pay a visit to the new kid on the block! How’s HangTime running now that it’s approaching its 1st birthday?

While it will never amount to the thrilling expectations we had, HangTime continues to please crowds en masse. It’s running slower now, but the hang time (!) experienced in certain elements is probably closer to design intentions.

The train also hangs at the top of the lift for longer than we recall – but anything to reduce brakerun stacking is an improvement in our book.

Knott’s seems to have a good rhythm for 2-train operations on HangTime. While the 3rd train winds up not being totally necessary, it’s great to have a back up; HangTime should pretty much always be able to run 2 trains. No excuses!

So far there hasn’t been a ton of work on Calico River Rapids,

but survey markers keep popping up! 

We’ll be curious to see how Knott’s can put a Timber Mountain Log Ride–style spin on the former Bigfoot Rapids.

We caught some staff milling around the area, but that’s pretty much it! Hopefully work will ramp up on the project by the end of this month.

It was a quiet day at Knott’s. We got all our necessary rides, photos, and foods (garlic fries from La Papa Loca and Boysenberry soft serve) in under 3 hours!

Our last little bit of business was to snag a Boomerang squashed penny – who knows how much longer they’ll be around?

That concludes our Knott’s update! Stay tuned for a Six Flags Magic Mountain / West Coast Racers update!

4 Replies to “Knott’s Berry Farm Update – February 19, 2019”

  1. I always assumed Monte and Boomerang both had complete 2nd trains since they were shuttle coasters that operated year-round. I didn’t know Monte’s was turned into a parts donor (allegedly).

    Regardless, I’m glad they’re keeping it around and giving it the TLC it deserves. It really is a gem.

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