Disney California Adventure Park Update – March 8th, 2019

Preston: It’s been a few weeks since our last trip to Disneyland. Lots of new and exciting things are happening around the resort, but today we are zooming in specifically to California Adventure. In today’s update, we have a full review of DCA’s annual Food and Wine Festival, some exciting World of Color news, along with a look at Grizzly River Run’s refurbishment. Stay tuned! 🙂

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We started the day off by turning right from Buena Vista Street and going into Grizzly Peak to look at the refurbishment for Grizzly River Run. The water has been drained and repainting is now underway. Grizzly River Run is set to reopen on March 29th.

The grizzly bear out front of GRR has received a repaint as well. His lifejacket is looking extra bright now with a new coat of orange.

Something interesting to keep your eye on: The human dryers that were added near the exit to Grizzly River Run just two months ago have already vanished. Is that because of the fact that the attraction is under refurb or is it because their trial period did not go the way Disney had planned?

Now onto my favorite news of this entire trip report: WORLD OF COLOR IS BACK!!! I have missed this show a great deal. Unfortunately, we had to leave the park early so we were unable to stay for the 10:00 PM show. FastPasses were still being distributed, however.

Now let’s check out the Food and Wine festival and sample some of the eats!

The first thing that I tried was the pizza spring rolls from the California Craft Brews booth.

These things were delicious. With the pesto and marinara sauce, they were unbelievable. DEFINITELY try them if you are at DCA during the festival.

Next booth we went to was “Peppers Cali-ente” for the ghost pepper Mac and Cheese.

This mac was good, but good lord was it spicy. My mouth was on fire the entire time while eating it. And I’m someone who really enjoys spicy foods. This was just too much.

It was time to cool off my mouth for a bit, so we jumped on a nice, relaxing ride. Ariel’s Undersea Adventure!

Only a five-minute wait!

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is probably my favorite non-thrill ride in DCA. It does its job quite well. Also, nothing beats the A/C it provides when it’s 90 degrees in the summer. 🙂

Back to the festival, because we still have a few more things to eat. This time, we went to the “Cluck-a-Doodle Moo” booth.

We tried the Harris Ranch Grilled Beef Tenderloin slider here. It was okay, but I will say it was probably my least favorite thing I tried the entire day.

While we’re on this end of Paradise Gardens Park, why don’t we hop in the single rider line for Goofy’s Sky School?

Goofy’s Sky School is a good attraction, but by no means is it one of my favorite rides in the park. It’s one of those rides where I enjoy it but wouldn’t be sad if I went away and a new attraction replaced it.

Last thing to try today was my personal favorite from last year’s festival. The FRUSHI!

The frushi at “Berry Patch” is so good! It provides such an interesting and delicious flavor with every bite.

After finishing the frushi, we exited DCA and took the tram back to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. On our way out, we looked at the new parking lot that is directly adjacent to Mickey and Friends. Looks like some planters are beginning to be built on the sides of the structures.

At the new pedestrian hub, work is being done as well.

Thank you all so much for reading this update! We will be back at the resort to cover Disneyland proper along with all of the MASSIVE Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge news VERY soon!


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