Matterhorn Bobsleds Now Open!

Derrion: We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Here is a holiday treat, if you plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort, the iconic attraction is back after its refurbishment. This update will focus on some of the cosmetic changes you can see to the new the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

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I am super excited to announce that the Matterhorn Bobsleds have re-opened. The ride has been down due to its scheduled maintenance and additional project to expand the queue zone.

The stand by wait time was at 50 min today when I arrived,  it was a semi-busy day in the park. Most of the changes to the queue zone are cosmetic and include this new wait time display.

Guest will now be able to enter the stand-by line , just past the new entrance to the left. The middle will serve as the single rider entrance and to the right will be the FastPass entrance.

The fast pass entrance is completely gated off from the guests walking  past the midways. This will surely eliminate congestion that would cause crowds to bottleneck at the former entrance.

There are also many new flags that connect both entrances of the attraction. These flags are beautiful and some represent the Switzerland National Flag and Family crests. Can anyone name any other flags being represented here ?

All of the existing plaques, signage, and buildings have been repainted. It truly makes the area more vibrant.

Even the building decor makes it blend well with the surrounding attractions. Guests seem to be a bit more aware of the entrances to the area.

The signage was also repainted and gives a better representations of guest positioning in the car before getting to the trains. The on ride experience still gives an exhilarating ride and there are not to many mechanical changes to the track.

It seems as though Harold 2.0 may not be to far from the trail. When the Matterhorn originally opened in 1959, it was the first tubular roller coaster. Over 65 years later the yeti continues to conquer his territory. Make sure to face Harold 2.0 on your next visit and check out the newest additions to the Matterhorn Bobsleds.


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