MASS EFFECT: NEW EARTH – The New 4D Adventure at California’s Great America

unnamedCalifornia’s Great America has announced the name for their new 2016 attraction, Mass Effect: New Earth! Based on the popular Mass Effect video game franchise, The park will be partnering with EA (Electronic Arts) as well as Bioware (The games creators) to completely renovate the Action Theater into an awe inspiring 4D space adventure. The experience will involve cutting edge technology 4D effects, movement, incredible special effects, and most interestingly, live performance! 

The park has released some images/artwork of the upcoming Mass Effect: New Earth. Two of these images consist of the infamous Normandy, the main protagonists ship in the series, approaching a mass relay, which provides interstellar transport. The other of which shows a Reaper, a villainous machine ship, bearing down on the parks entrance with a blaster. unnamed (1) unnamed (2)unnamed

 We are very excited to see this attraction coming to California’s Great America, and Mass Effect: New Earth should prove to be a great renovation of the Action Theater. The collaborative effort will hopefully provide an excellent attraction with an excellent marriage of thrills, theming and world  building.

Make sure to check out our other article of the subject here! So what are your thoughts on this attraction? Comment below and let us know!
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