Six Flags Magic Mountain and THE NEW REVOLUTION Update – November 8th 2015

20151108_151630 (Large)This is the first weekend after this year’s Fright Fest, and almost all Fright Fest traces are gone. In fact, there are so many Holiday in the Park decorations around the park that you’d almost think it’s December already. In addition to the Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park changes, we’ll be taking a look at some landscaping, ride operations, and THE NEW REVOLUTION of course! 

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Let’s start with the fact that these wonderful Holiday in the Park wreaths have been placed on almost every lamp post imaginable. There must be hundreds of them! (Just like last year).  20151108_150624 (Large) The hanging of lights in trees has also started all around the park. Very noticeably at the park’s entrance. 20151108_150602 (Large) Almost all traces of Fright Fest are gone, like stated before. The Willoughby’s Resurrected facade has been removed.  20151108_151317 (Large) All signage, besides that of the sponsor, of Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness has been taken away. In addition, there’s not a single bit of Fright Fest theming left on Samurai Summit, which pretty much is the same for the rest of the park. They cleared out Fright Fest decorations incredibly fast. 20151108_151359 (Large) Apocalypse is back to being Apocalypse. Well… almost. 20151108_151939 (Large) All the Shadows of Evil theming is pretty much gone. It was a very cool Fright Fest feature for the ride. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again next year. As long as they run both trains… And maybe use this set of switchbacks, so the maze could feel like a maze, to eventually get to the ride.20151108_152022 (Large) 20151108_152042 (Large) 20151108_152100 (Large) The exit signs and some other signs and banners around the park still state Shadows of Evil the Ride. That, I assume, will be changed over the next week or so.20151108_154144 (Large) The Aftermath is being cleared out, where the exit to the maze is, one may see a lot of objects from within the maze stored. From some angles you can see a bulldozer that’s inside the maze. 20151108_151751 (Large) It was definitely the ‘grandest’ maze Fright Fest has ever seen, and I’m sad to see it go. Though I’m convinced it’s leaving to make room for something way greater, I’m confident Magic Mountain isn’t JUST taking out their biggest maze ever. 😉20151108_154002 (Large) Across from it, all traces of Fright Fest are gone, and the preparations of new flowers and landscaping has begun. 20151108_153957 (Large) The same counts for all planters in the Riddler’s Revenge plaza. 20151108_154020 (Large) Moving to the next themed area of the park, DC Universe, the park relocated the smoking area a few weeks back. We forgot to report, but the new smoking area is behind the restrooms rather than in front of them. It’s not so ‘in-your-face’, so it was a great decision from the park to move it. 20151108_154324 (Large) DC Universe will host another crazy light show this Holiday in the Park. Therefore the Sinister Circuit lights will remain in the area and will have multiple new light shows starting November 27th (start of Holiday in the Park).  20151108_154339 (Large) The park’s biggest Scare Zone ever, TERRORtory Twisted has disappeared and the area looks nothing different than the Screampunk District is was before. 20151108_154445 (Large) I’m curious to see if this area will receive some sort of Holiday in the Park retheme, the Steam-punk theme is GREAT for something authentic holiday-esque. 20151108_154520 (Large)  TERRORtory Twisted used awesome image mapping technology. The image mapping hardware is now located in the Full Throttle plaza. Making it pretty blatant that it’ll be used for ‘Snowy Nights’ this year. Which is the Holiday in the Park version of Full Throttle Nights.20151108_155149 (Large) 20151108_155202 (Large) The stage is now being prepped for Holiday in the Park! 20151108_155212 (Large) Moving to the Baja Ridge section of the park. The Coaster Wall has been updated to feature Twisted Colossus, which has a little bubble featuring the original Colossus. 20151108_152853 (Large) Back to some Holiday in the park prep. It seems as if the park is going even bigger this year. There seem to be lights on almost every plant and tree stretching from Jet Stream’s over pass near Roaring Rapids all the way down to the Coaster Wall. 20151108_152449 (Large) Santa’s Village, in front of Katy’s Kettle is also slowly taking shape with the many reindeer! 20151108_152511 (Large) 20151108_152522 (Large) The Winter Wonderland themed area seems to be returning as the icicle lights are being installed overhead. Of course this area is decked in endless lights as well! 20151108_152552 (Large) All wooden railings spanning from Viper to past Roaring Rapids are also entirely decked with lights. Can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s actually Holiday in the Park. 20151108_152442 (Large) Across from that exact railing, we find a hill where a whole lot of trees have been cut… 20151108_152421 (Large) Which is conveniently located right in the center of Tatsu’s drop and lift-hill. Will we see a much needed repaint? (Removal of vegetation is necessary to repaint Tatsu).Or will we see something else happening in the near future? (For more incredible details of painting coasters for a living, check out our interview with Steve Hickey here!).20151108_152428 (Large) Love this shot of Tatsu in the cooler November air. Even though very faded, it pops. 20151108_151406 (Large) Moving on to that white ride below Tatsu… 😛 THE NEW REVOLUTION! 20151108_152939 (Large) A lot of trees have been cut on the Baja Ridge side of the ride. 20151108_152956 (Large) In the final helix, a few of the giant trees have been taken out. Making the ride way more visible. I’m curious to see if they’ll restore the classic rock-work within. 20151108_152958 (Large) Which does mean we can see Tatsu’s MASSIVE Pretzel Loop from below! 20151108_153012 (Large) 20151108_153020 (Large) After Revolution’s loop, more trees seem to have been removed. 20151108_153054 (Large) I have no clue why this picture is unfocused, I didn’t realize ’til upon my return home. But the train that is positioned in the station backwards is currently covered up with black sheets. 20151108_152714 (Large) The station is getting an extreme overhaul it seems, at least the bridge to the station is. It’s being torn apart. Very curious to see the results. I truly hope that they respect the original looks of the ride and try to keep that feel and look rather than modernizing it too much. Let us know below what you’d like to see! 20151108_152719 (Large) The exit path was taken out a few weeks back. Now more chopped up trees can be found there. The repaint this ride will undergo may mean we’ll see a lot more trees chopped up soon. 20151108_152657 (Large) That was about it for this update. Quite a lot is going on at the park recently! Make sure to visit now crowds are minimal for the next few weekends. Because once Holiday in the Park starts, attendance picks up rapidly! Here’s some Full Throttle to wrap up this update!20151108_151630 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain and THE NEW REVOLUTION Update! We’ll have The Joker, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and Universal Studios Hollywood Updates later this week! Comment your New Revolution, and other things we discussed, thoughts below!

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12 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain and THE NEW REVOLUTION Update – November 8th 2015”

  1. The work being done under and around Tatsu and Revolution is likely just ground clearing and thinning out old vegetation. Or, who knows, they could be getting ready for whatever 2017 will bring, though I doubt anything big up on the mountain.

    It’s really odd that they had Revolution trains facing backwards. To my knowledge there are no plans to run them that way, nor do I think it would be safe with riders aboard. Being that Revolution is coming up on 40 years old, they may be taking this time to replace old wood and upgrade electrical systems within the station. I’ve heard a few rumors that The New Revolution could open as early as March, but we’ll see.

  2. We travel from San Antonio to Los Angeles every year in September to visit Magic Mountain. We were truly impressed with the roller coasters and the main reason we return, but another reason was the deep vegetation hiding the rides. This brought mystery to the rides on the old section of the mountain. Please stop chopping down the vegetation because it’s not neat or pretty.

  3. Great update. I’m interested to see the development of the backwards trains. It would be interesting to see.

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