Knott’s Berry Farm Update – October 11th 2017

Sean: We stopped by the Farm for a few hours to get some rides in on Montezooma’s Revenge, and of course ride several other favorites. Or perhaps I was subconsciously dying to get some Boysenberry soft serve. Either way, I composed a little update that features… HANGTIME CONSTRUCTION!

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Let’s start off with Silver Bullet! If you follow us on Social Media you may have seen us post about the fact that Silver Bullet received a 3rd train, which is now running. Keeping this beast one of the smoothest coasters of all time. Both other trains are also on the track (they can run two at the same time). 

We launched our “The 5 Best Coasters Finales in California” list the other day and many people mentioned Silver Bullet’s final helix as one of their favorite finales! 

Silver Bullet was last repainted in February of 2014, and just this visit I slowly started seeing that it began to fade again. Nowhere near as bad as it had been prior to its repaint of course 🙂

We went to the park expecting it to be quiet, but really there were tons of schools, which meant that Knott’s ran most rides with two trains, as well as two towers on Supreme Scream! Most importantly though is the nearby Timber Mountain Log Ride’s Halloween overlay: Halloween Hootenanny! Which features an original soundtrack, LOTS of additional theming and lighting effects, as well as live actors during Knott’s Scary Farm.

The Best in the West? That is a question we have been trying to answer, and even though new GhostRider is fantastic, we still prefer California’s Great America’s Gold Striker. Having said that… GhostRider during Scary Farm, after it’s been running all day and it gets cold out, is AMAZING. 

Let’s get to more update worthy stuff! Such as the fact that Montezooma’s Revenge has successfully been running for two weeks straight after having been closed for a while. Sol Spin on the other hand is parked on the concrete after yet another reprogramming of the ride, nonoperational. 

Squint your eyes to see, but after many years Knott’s has reinstalled misters on the temple of Jaguar! When you head past the temple, and then through the temple, you’re welcomed by refreshing mist. A cool touch I did not expect to see back! 

Xcelerator remains closed, and according to the park it’ll be closed for a looong time. One of the trains has been taken off the track and has been entirely dismantled, the line is now the permanent line for Shadowlands, and with recent Top Thrill Dragster issues, I’m sure Cedar Fair is getting tired of these Intamin coasters. The good news though, is that Boardwalk BBQ really is a neat fit and we’re huge fans.

BUT NOW… Time for HangTime! Knott’s Berry Farm’s 150 feet tall Gerstlauer Infinty coaster with a Dive Drop and 5 inversions! 

What you see right here is the placement of what looks like the footer for the giant lift-hill and drop structure! 

Below see the entire area and the footers being placed. Also note how large the ride will actually be. The ride’s track and lift hill will be very close to the midway, which will make for a spectacular vertical view with the drop towering 150 feet over you as you walk past the ride. The wooden construction off to the right is where the station will be located. 

Last but not least, here are a set of footers for the second half of the ride, where the over-banked turn/Horseshoe will Double Down into the Cobra Roll! You’re also able to see the main lift-hill footer and station location in this shot!

Read all about what HangTime will offer guests, here! We’ll be back with plenty of HangTime updates soon! Check out our Disneyland Railroad Update from the mouse a few miles away!

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