Knott’s Scary Farm 2017 – Scare Zone Reviews

Sean/Zach: Knott’s Scary Farm is easily our favorite haunt event, and that’s mainly due to the impressive collection of original and unique mazes that deliver experiences other events can hardly live up to. Being the oldest halloween event in the state, Knott’s Scary Farm knows what it takes to put an event together, which all started with the infamous Ghost Town Streets. Though we always find the mazes to deliver better than the Scare Zones at the event (like most events), this year the Scare Zones have been the best we have yet seen at the event!



In the past, this scare zone has been much maligned, but this year the clowns delivered. Sometimes simplicity works to one’s benefit. The surrounding construction shrunk the space significantly allowing for a better scare zone to take place. The actors had a chance to terrorize surrounding guests rather than try roam the spacious ground chasing them down as in prior years. Thanks to great casting and a large amount of actors we find spread throughout the scare zone, it has much improved. Depending on one’s love for clowns, CarnEVIL could be slightly more frightening. Overall, the path through the Boardwalk wasn’t as friendly as it had been in years past, but that’s a good thing. 😉

Fiesta de los Muertos


Certainly not the scariest part of the park, Fiesta de los Muertos provided colorful costumes in a dark scare zone within Fiesta Village. This year the dance floor/party was taken out in attempt to get more scares, yet this area fails to stand out compared to the rest of the park. The actors’ energy and unique hiding spots illustrate Knott’s creativity for Fiesta de los Muertos, but falls short of the high standards Knott’s has set for itself. The area is still a lovable classic with shrieks and shrills. As for the lack of music, the vibe seems to be missing…only time will tell.

The Hollow


From one hollow scare zone to another, ahem I mean to The Hollow scare zone. This year the scare zone took a step back and disappointed.  Since The Hollow is in a quieter part of the park, the scare zone lacked energy, foot traffic (good thing), and scarers. Walking through a dimly lit area to go along with being isolated from all the “fun” failed to capture the magic of its first year. There is the possibility of running into all the actors at once to make for a nice scare, but the likelihood of that happening is rare. The actors put on a show with their best efforts to make up for for the emptiness except one must temper expectations when venturing through. Overall, The Hollow was “hollow”.  

Ghost Town Streets


Finally, we get to the grand finale, or shall we shall the great entrance! Ghost Town Streets once again is the premiere scare zone at Scary Farm. AWESOME was the adjective used to describe this scare zone last year while this year MAGNIFICENT will do! The theming and fog correspond well with the dimly lit area allowing the actors to get their fair share of screams. The actors were great and continue have the best hideouts compared to the rest of the park. You must walk through multiple times because this is the best scare zone, the original care zone, and the hardest to navigate. Knott’s always outdoes themselves with Ghost Town Streets. 

The Scare Zones don’t really fall in the same ballpark as the mazes; however, CarnEVIL improved by means of addition by subtraction & Ghost Town Streets is always a work of art. Fiesta de los Muertos and The Hollow are on a slightly lower level compared to the other two, but overall the four scare zones do have promise and still provide guests with plenty of thrills. The Scare Zones only add more to the event, but the Mazes are simply great! Check out our Maze Ratings and Reviews!

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  1. I saw CarnEVIL and I couldn’t help but wonder when the Discovery Kingdom fright fest mazes reviews are going to go up. (It is my home park and all)

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