Como Town & Daytona Beach Amusements – CCCK Layover Adventures

Alexander: Being a flight attendant has many perks, not the least of which is getting paid to go places that happen to have roller coasters nearby!

My recent layovers to Minneapolis and Daytona Beach were fruitful in the credit department. Two new parks, two new coasters!

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We’ve already hit up the two great major in the Minneapolis area, Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe, but there’s also third, smaller park in St. Paul!

Como Town, part of the Como Zoo and Conservatory, is a free park that features a variety of attractions, including atriums, gardens, rides, and exhibits.

And a bubble party, apparently.

Como Town seems like the kind of place that would have a kiddie coaster, but their one credit is actually a Galaxie-style coaster.

Tiger Trax! Cha-ching!

I think the highlight of Como is their butterfly exhibit. I’ve been to these sort of things before, but this one is particularly enchanting. The place is simply covered in butterflies!

I mean, they’re everywhere.

Sheena made a friend!

The Japanese rock garden is also amazing. It was a gift from St. Paul’s sister city, Nagasaki.

Next up: Daytona Beach!

The Daytona Beach Boardwalk has a particularly large Galaxie-ish coaster.

I don’t think I’ve been on one quite this large. Gives a pretty solid ride!

Feels a bit more like….say….Scandia Screamer than a typical Galaxie or Zyklon.

Perhaps the most iconic “Spring Break” destination, Daytona Beach is full of great beaches, great weather, and lots of tacky-ness.

Just look at that fountain. Beautiful.

Surprise find: They have an old Twister ride here! I’ve only ever seen the one at Lakemont Park before! What a classic!

That’s a wrap for this little update. Gotta love the small parks of America; they’re full of surprises!

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