Jurassic World Coaster Construction Update – Universal Orlando Resort – Early September 2020

I was so delighted that the bridge was open! You can get incredibly close to the track now, and this will be the best midway in the park once the coaster is running. Sorry, Hogsmeade.

You really get a nice appreciation for the fact that all elements are so different in this part of the ride, despite following similar directions.

The Intamin double-spined track makes for some awesome support-less elements. Weird yet cool.


The stall looks even longer from the bridge. I mean look at this thing:

It’s a mess, and I love to see it:

One day I will photoshop some deateather dust into these shots. It’s still weird how much Potter and Jurassic blend at this park.

This is where I expect all the netting to go:

Hello top hat, my old friend.

Enjoy the next couple of shots without a ton of captions:

One thing I really appreciate about the bridge being open is that there are so many angles to take shots of this coaster from now. By far the easiest coaster to photograph in all of Florida.

I need to know how tall this actually is. I see too many guesses out there. – Universal, it’s time for answers.

As the sun sets…

So will this report! Thanks for joining us again!

Looking for more Intamin awesomeness? We just shared all the permits, blue prints and details on Parc Asterix’ new Intamin coaster! Check it out!

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