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How We Rate and Review:

The four ratings exist of a Length Rating, which relates to the length of a maze, the longer the better. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical length of walking through the maze, but may also indicate there are plenty of different scenes and that the maze felt long. The Scare Rating is exactly what you think it is, how ‘scary’ does a maze get, how gruesome it is, if it creates a bunch of jump scares, etc. The Set Rating looks specifically at the job done regarding the theming of the maze, how immersive the sets are, how many different scenes guests encounter, etc. And then last, but definitely not least… the Experience Rating. Which is mainly based off of the overall feel of the maze, was it a extreme? Did it leave you breathless? etc. The overall experience, combined with the other three factors creates a FINAL SCORE for the maze. (Out of 10, 10 being: “absolutely unbelievably amazing”, 1 being: “Don’t even bother visiting”)

9) House of 1000 Corpses

Coming in last place this year for me is House of 1000 Corpses. The sets in this maze were fantastic, but there sadly wasn’t enough substance for me to truly enjoy it from top to bottom. The transitions were also pretty choppy.

Also, unfortunately there are only one or two scares that come from characters other than Dr. Satan. The whole maze was very repetitive, just like the maze Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers, which was in the same location as House of 1000 Corpses last year.

Having said that, this maze is actually terrifying. Dr. Satan is quite daunting. I would say it is the second scariest maze of the year.

Length rating: 7/10

Scare rating: 9/10

Set rating: 6/10

Experience rating: 5/10

OVERALL rating: 6.5/10

8) Stranger Things

It makes me sad to say that Stranger Things is the second to last maze on my list. There were quite a few things wrong with this maze.

First off, way too many black hallways in this maze. There are so many visually stunning scenes from the Netflix series to choose from and unfortunately, they really dropped the ball. Another thing that really angered me was the fact that this maze was almost entirely marketed as a season two maze; but, after doing more research and actually going through the maze, the maze is made up of season two and then two rooms of season three. Why rush through such an incredible season? I would have much preferred if they would have done this year as season two, and had next year as season three. Maybe the contract between Netflix and NBC Universal only allowed for two years of mazes.

I just feel like season three of Stranger Things was really wasted. Imagine going through Starcourt Mall, going in the basement of the auto shop, or walking through the hallways of the Russian base. It would have been amazing.

Length rating: 6.5/10

Scare rating: 4/10

Set rating: 7.5/10

Experience rating: 7.5/10

OVERALL rating: 6.5/10

7) Creepshow

Creepshow was a fun maze. I enjoyed it a lot. In my opinion, there is a huge gap in quality between this and Stranger Things.

My issue with this one is that there were very few memorable moments. Trying to remember the scenes in this one is hard for me to do.

I will say that the scene with all the cockroaches totally freaked me out. I need to do this maze for a second time!

Length rating: 8/10

Scare rating: 6.5/10

Set rating: 8/10

Experience rating: 7/10

OVERALL rating: 7/10

6) Holidayz in Hell

These mazes that follow I loved. Holidayz in Hell was amazing!

I just simply love the concept of this maze. It’s so unique and fun. Also, dumping out into Christmas in Hell, a really great scarezone, is an added plus.

Length rating: 7.5/10

Scare rating: 7/10

Set rating: 8/10

Experience rating: 8/10

OVERALL rating: 7.5/10

5) Ghostbusters

Probably a surprise to many that Ghostbusters is number five on my list. I was so excited for this maze, and it fell just a bit flat for me.

Let’s start with this: it’s probably the least-scary maze I’ve ever been through at Horror Nights. The scares that are in the maze are fun, but they are very few and far between. Which I do suppose I should have expected. The movie itself is more of a family film compared to a film like Us or Creepshow, which is full out horror.

The scareactor’s acting in this maze is fantastic. Janine (the Ghostbusters receptionist) is a highlight. Also, love the sets. It really feels like you’re in the movie.

Like I said earlier, I loved this maze, but it just left me a bit disappointed. That’s why it lands here on my list.

Length rating: 7/10

Scare rating: 2/10

Set rating: 9/10

Experience rating: 8/10

OVERALL rating: 8/10

4) Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

The rest of the mazes were all A+’s in my opinion. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman was amazing! Being third scariest maze, it had a ton of great scares.

The length is this maze’s downfall. It was way too short. It’s truly a shame, because every other box with this one is checked. I loved all the sets.

Length rating: 5/10

Scare rating: 8.5/10

Set rating: 9/10

Experience rating: 9/10

OVERALL rating: 9/10

3) Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Ugh, Killer Klowns, I miss you. I seriously was smiling the entire time during this maze.

It’s the maze I wish I was going through the most right now as I am writing this article. And this is coming from a guy who has only seen the film once. The clowns in the maze are set up so perfectly to scare you that it’s just impossible to not enjoy this one.

Also, this was definitely one of the two most surprising mazes of the year. I seriously have an emotional connection to this one. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Length rating: 9/10

Scare rating: 6/10

Set rating: 8.5/10

Experience rating: 10/10

OVERALL rating: 9.5/10

2) The Curse of Pandora’s Box

The biggest surprise of the year is The Curse of Pandora’s Box. Let’s start this one off with the sets. They were Incredible! I wasn’t expecting them to take a neon approach, but I am so happy they did.

I had no prior information of this maze. It was the last maze to be announced for this year’s event and I was just simply blown away.

Length rating: 9/10

Scare rating: 9/10

Set rating: 8.5/10

Experience rating: 9.5/10

OVERALL rating: 9.5/10

1) Jordan Peele’s Us

The number one maze at Halloween Horror Nights 29 is Jordan Peele’s Us! My favorite maze this year came from my third favorite IP represented out of all the mazes.

Such a well done maze. I mean, wow. Talk about putting your guests into the movie. They nailed it. Oh, and it’s also the scariest maze this year, I jumped probably ten different times in this maze.

I seriously don’t have anything bad to say about it. Great work John Murdy and Jordan Peele!

Length rating: 9/10

Scare rating: 10/10

Set rating: 9.5/10

Experience rating: 10/10

OVERALL rating: 10/10

Thank you all so much for checking out this review on Halloween Horror Nights. Be sure to check out our new Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest review. Be on the lookout for an upcoming Knott’s Scary Farm review. Haunt season is upon us! ‘Til next time!

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