Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Review – Universal Studios Hollywood

Preston: Spooky season has arrived and with that comes my favorite haunt of the year: Halloween Horror Nights! Let me just say, before we get into the thick of the review, that this year was incredible! The overall ’80’s theme really works well! We were able to attend Fan Preview Night on Thursday the 12th along with a revisit on Saturday the 14th. I’ve done all the mazes and I’m ready to give you my full ranking of them all!

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Before we get into my maze ranking, let’s talk about the event itself from afar. This year, there are nine new mazes. Between those nine, two are original themes, and seven are IP based, along with an additional five scare zones.

All the Universal-owned stores in City Walk are filled with Horror Nights merchandise.

Oh, how I’ve missed you.

Banners decorate the entire entrance area.

Okay, now I don’t know why this was so special for me, but this year’s Opening Scaremony is iconic! Something about the loud and intense music, the huge screaming crowd, and the Scareactors filing through the crowd made this such a fun start to our night.

Alright, it’s time. Let’s get to my full ranking of the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood mazes, and my in-depth review of them all. Before I start off, let me just say that there were no bad mazes this year. Truly, from top to bottom, I believe this is the best overall house lineup Hollywood has ever had. There aren’t any outliers that bring down the event.

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