Fright Fest 2019 Review – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Derrion: We had the pleasure of attending this years media event at Fright Fest! As always, Fright Fest does not disappoint and is sure to be a great season. Continue reading for an update on the continued success of Fright Fest and catch some of the spooky new additions to the park.

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Fright Fest Update

The Halloween season has begun at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Fright Fest will run select days this year until November 3rd, so check the parks website before arriving. Details can be found here.

I can’t remember the last time we visited the park at night. We kept commenting on how much better it adds to the atmosphere of the event and the ability to ride our favorite coasters in the dark.

The  30-Hour Coffin Challenge returned this year! It places pre-selected guests in coffins for all park guests to witness at pistachio park. Mind you all these guests had to stay in their coffins with only a six minute break every three hours for a total of 30 hours. The goal was to complete various challenges, including surviving 100+ degree Fahrenheit weather,  to gain points in hopes of winning the grand prize of $600 and a 2020 Gold Pass.

If these events were not terrifying enough, this fluorescent scene is sure to keep the nightmares going!  Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy returns and as always is beautiful.

Do not get too lost in the beauty! The creatures tend to prey on those who do not blend in so well with reality.

The Flying Beast had many technical difficulties throughout the night. Tatsu‘s new train was on the track and ran very well. I am not sure why the park decided to run both stations with only two train operations on this visit because it did not help dispatch times. On a side note, there needs to be a system in place when the rides have an extended delay, such as offering a skip the line pass for another attraction. My group and I used our skip the line passes for this attraction  before the ride was delayed and none of the team members could assist us with gaining a new skip the line pass. This caused us to lose 45 minutes of precious time.

Thankfully, this was not the highlight of our trip! The construction walls are open heading towards The Underground and we could not have been more excited.

Although most of the land was not open, you could clearly get amazing views of West Coast Racers. It was incredible to see from this angle how much immersion the coaster bring to the area.

We were most excited for the return of Apocalypse: The Ride. The attraction is only open during Fright Fest for now. We rode it and it feels like it’s brand new!

An all new wall was put up in the queue line to protect guest from the 2nd and 4th launches for West Coast Racers. They removed the switchbacks in this area as well because the line rarely would come back out to this point.

Still the best themed attraction in the park! The props looked amazing and were all working perfectly.

The new story line for the attraction is very fun! Guests will be in the midst of a chemical outbreak and are being cleared to board the trains to escape.

The lighting and sound effects truly make it feel as though you are fleeing from a bio hazard.

When you finally reach the end, guests are told that they are cleared and can safely board the train to evacuate.

Apocalypse: The Ride may have just re-opened, but Green Lantern: First Flight is on its way out of Magic Mountain. There are only a couple of pieces of track left and a few supports.

We are suckers for merchandise! The park has released shirts, sweaters, and even frightfully new mugs that can be purchased.

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