California’s Great America Park Update- Mid September 2019

Derrion: Wow! In all my years living in Southern California, I finally was able to get to California’s Great America. This was my second Cedar Fair park, behind Knott’s Berry Farm, and I could not have been more blown away! Lets take a look at some of the highlights from my first visit.

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California’s Great America is such a beautiful park. The entry way is just stunning.

Since it was at the entrance of the park, we did what any new park guest would do and rode the closest attraction. The Carousel Columbia was great.

This has to be the 2nd best GCI in California. I was not prepared by how much I enjoyed the experience on Gold Striker. The coaster’s length and speed were surprising which made for a stellar ride.

Patriot was another winner this time around. It’s such a great time being able to try new parks because they offer refreshing experiences. I was informed that this coaster was converted from stand up trains. It would have been great to ride this attraction with those trains.

Nevertheless, it was still a good ride. Especially in the front row, it made it more of a thrilling experience.

Orleans Place is the best themed area in the park. Cedar Fair does a great job keeping their parks clean, neat, and tidy.

Haunt season is here. On this visit, there were some indications for their haunt facades. Halloween Haunt currently runs select nights through November 2nd.

Honestly, this was the most unexpected experience of the day. The layout is not as compact as the Batman: The Ride clones or as tame as Silver Bullet.

To my surprise, I ended up marathoning the attraction and came to the conclusion that this is my favorite B&M invert (so far).

The coaster truly uses the terrain of the park to its advantage. Make sure to take flight on your next visit!

In park transportation! How we wish more parks would do this.

You get amazing views of the park and coasters. It was one of the most relaxing experiences.

It also offered views on the construction progress of the newly re-themed South Bay Shores Water park. This park is set to replace Boomerang Bay in 2020.

On the other side of the park looms a classic Intamin giant drop. I still cannot believe Drop Tower is 225 ft! It packed a punch for not being the tallest of its kind.

We did not get a chance to do Grizzly this time around but I hear we aren’t missing much. Instead, we got amazing views of it from this side of the park.

One of the best additions to the park by far: Railblazer. RMC outdid themselves on this one. I am not sure where to begin. I had the pleasure of riding the attraction twice, once in the back and front. Totally different experiences but both offered an amazing ride.

I am a huge fan of airtime and I got lots of it on this ride. The maneuvers are so sudden and the compact layout always kept me guessing! Did I also mention this was my 75 credit! I could not have been more proud to reach this milestone.

As always we appreciate your support! We will be back with the spookiness soon with a Knott’s Scary Farm update . Thanks for reading Coaster Royalty. Be sure to check out our recent Fright Fest Update and Halloween Horror Nights review.



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