Europa-Park Update – Winter Season – December 2018

Normally, the big coaster except for Wodan are closed. Yet when the weather allows it, they will open everything including Silver Star, Blue Fire, Poseidon and even the Tiroler Splash!

By the way, we all know that Sean is wild about Viper and Alexander about Ninja. My classic coaster bae is Euromir. Such a wacky ride with one of the best coaster music tracks out there! And it’s all dressed up for Christmas!

Eurosat Can Can Coaster isn’t the only novelty, there’s also Madame Freudenreich’s Curiosités! This former dark ride which was inspired by Universe of Energy at Epcot got a huge makeover. The theme is now an old lady with dinosaurs in her backyard!

As a dark ride lover, I really think they did a good job transforming this ride. The theme is a lot more unique than before. It’s really a FUN ride in all its aspects. How cool is the ending: celebrating the birthday of the T-rex! This really makes me look forward to the new Piraten von Batavia!

So what are the other activities? Well the pond next to the rapid is drained and you can walk around with several snowy activities such as snow scooters, langlaufen and ice skating!

Besides that they offer lots of shows as usual! I would advise to see the musical show in the Globe Theater and the Circus which is a winter exclusive show! Plus, the ice skating show always is a crowd pleaser too.

If that isn’t enough, there’s an ice sculpture exposition…

…and light spectacle both inspired by the future Rulantica pool. So add those to the list of the Rulantica Musical and the Rulantica Preview Center. All that to makes sure EVERYONE knows its coming!

There’s also the Christmas parade in the dark with every type of light up Christmas themed costume you can imagine.

It even has a unicorn!

The parade starts at the exit of Euromir so there’s the spot to stand if you want to save time and have a good view!

Hello bae! Looking marvelous!

And also new is the Miraculeux show, a projection show on the Eurosat globe! Short but all so sweet! We had perfect seating right in front of the Euro Tower! 

Altogether, Europa-Park in winter is the perfect time to visit. The longest queue we had during the weekend of December was 35 minutes for Eurosat Can Can (as it is a new coaster). Wodan was usually around 10 – 15 minutes and believe me, that’s saying something. Just dress up warmly or heat up with Glüwhein or Fruchtenpunch! During the week, annual pass-holders can bring along one guest for free btw! So look for a pass-holder and go now! 😀

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