Six Flags Magic Mountain- December 7th Park Update

Derrion: It has been sometime since we last visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, and I could have not been more excited to get back in the park. Weekdays are still the very best days to come in and ride because attendance is typically low and I like the feeling of taking the time to notice all the small things that the park has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the changes going on in the park and update on West Coast Racers, new for 2019!

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Park Update

Thats right everyone, it is the most wonderful time of the year !  You can still experience the festive celebration as Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park is in full effect .

These nutcracker soldiers are huge and although it feels like they are guarding the park , I can’t help but notice their smiles are very inviting.

The plaza and many of the buildings with in this area are so beautifully decked in snow. If you ever forget to get your photo at an attraction in the park, be sure to remember the time you rode along with the attraction name and a team member can look up your photo. Another tip, if you leave your photo pass for any reason they can use your email to add them to your account.

It definetly would not be a festive event without treats. You can pick up a yummy Pumkin Spice Funnel Cake for $12.49 before any annual pass discounts.

Over at Studio 6F you will find these adorable “Friends” for purchase. If you purchase one, one will be donated to the local charity.

Be sure to come back weekends and the 12/15-12/30 for Holiday in the Park . You never know what new surprises will be in store.

One treat this year, are Tatsu LED lights are not locked to the standard orange. For the holiday season they strobe from green to red in true Christmas fashion. I’m excited to see what other colors that the beast will be flying with in the future, they truly enhance the beauty of the roller coaster.

Not sure if I may have skipped these benches in the past but they were beautifully placed to compliment the theme of Samurai Summit. Looks like  Tatsu is not the only dragons you will find lurking on the mountain

During this visit multiple attractions/areas were closed due to routine maintenance. The Superman: Escape From Krypton entryway was completely sectioned off which suggest the area is due for some refurbishment.

Twisted Colossus, my personal favorite, was also down for maintenance today and has been down sporadically due to technical issues. I did get a chance to see team members hard at work trying to revive the attraction and open it before the park closed for the day.

The purple train has arrived and is now on the storage track, back from a refurbishment if it’s own. This time around the green train has been dismantled and will be sent out for maintenance.

Testing had started during the day, but this train was stalled on the lift hill for quite some time. The attraction unfortunately did not open by park closing time.

Since Twisted Colossus was down I decided to visit its neighbor  in the Screampunk District and ride  Scream! I am always impressed on how underrated this attraction is. I propose that if this ride were themed better it would pull in more of the crowds because it is a decent ride. 

It may be me but I am super obsessed with the Intamin Giant Drop towers. This may not hold the world record for tallest or fastest but Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom is so amazingly fun. I just love taking in the views and the anticipation before you fall.

The single rider line is back open now that the VR experience has ended for Lex Luthor: Drop Of Doom. Take advantage of this as it will cut your wait time down immensely on busier days.

X2 was also open on this trip and it just dawned on me that it has been 10 years since we saw the transition from X to X2. How many of you would love to see an X3 overlay?

The board walk section of the park just received renovation this summer. Throughout the season they have added a new dining area to Johnny Rockets, Boardwalk Brews( a beer and concessions stand), and now they have added new decorative pieces to some of the walls.

In total there were six attractions down on the mountain during this visit. Superman: Escape From Krypton, Apocalypse, Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, Green Lantern: First FlightTwisted Colossus, and of course Viper! It sure feels like something is missing when one of the attractions is down we hope that many of these attractions will be restored soon.

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  1. Scream! should be renamed to Technocoaster because of the constant stream of techno music playing in the loading station.

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