Sea World Orlando Update – Early December

Alexander: It’s wintertime in Florida! It’s cool out, but still great weather for Sea World Orlando’s amazing coasters!

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Sean and I were eager to try out our shiny new Sea World Season Passes, so we started with a ride on Sky Tower (normally a $5 upcharge, but free for passholders).

We noticed a bunch of trees in the water while we were queueing for Sky Tower. We’ll be checking those out again at nightfall!

Mako and Kraken are running beautifully, as usual.

We suspect Manta was running great as well, but we didn’t actually get around to riding it this visit.

With heeling tattoos on our ankles, Sean and I decided against the B&M flyer and its inherently germ-y ankle guards.

That also meant no water rides for us, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get some photos of Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls.

During our Sky Tower ride, we noticed and Dine with Orcas show in progress.

Infinity Falls looks amazing! More on that later!

Honestly two of my favorite B&Ms! I could ride these two all day! The lake in between the two rides keeps it from feeling/looking cluttered. 

Shamu’s Happy Harbor is in deep mid-transformation into a Sesame Street–themed area! 

“Sea of Trees” is Sea World’s nighttime holiday show, featuring choreographed LED trees set to music! 

Love you, Manta, but it’s time for a paint job!

We had the best rides yet on Mako. The last bit doesn’t feel as sluggish as last time!

The decorations all over the park look amazing!


This ride looks awesome. Incredible themed area with lots of foliage and great music!

How new is the ride? The construction notes are still written on the trough! They’ll wash off eventually.

“The biggest drop of its kind” is super impressive. Bystanders beware, the bridge over the drop will get you wet!

The interaction between boats is a great bonus.

Beautiful lights fill Sea World for the holidays! Definitely worth staying until nightfall for Christmas lights and night rides on Mako, which offers amazing views of said lights.

The trees alternate different color patterns/musical numbers. There’s a lot to see!

They get a lot of milage out of the trees reflecting on the water. It’s twice the light for the same amount of effort!

That’s a wrap on our Sea World visit for now! Be sure to check out all the park’s amazing food, shows, and festivities for the holidays!

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