Cool European Theme Park Stuff – July 2016

In a continuous effort to bring our readers lots of Out-of-State content during the summer months, here’s a quick look at several European theme-park news stories and trips our European Team Members made! Including two of the world’s most anticipated and awesome new coasters!

Taron opened along with Raik in the all new section of Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany. The themed area is among the best themed lands in the world, and it happens to have a launch coaster that is even better. Taron doesn’t have any inversions, but the ride is insane nonetheless. Themed to a run through a volcanic landscape the coaster runs through a ton of tunnels and buildings, past waterfalls and rockwork. The trains feature lap-bar seats, creating one heck of a ride. Taron’s a world-class launch coaster that may just be the best multi-launcher ever created! The ride has had some technical difficulties since it opened, but has been performing to amazing guest satisfaction. Phantasialand (again) has proven that theming is an incredibly important aspect of a ride and is back on top of the must-visit list in Europe! Read a complete opening event report and ride review of Taron, Raik, and Klugheim on our sister site!  

Staying in Germany before hopping to some other European countries… Movie Park Germany, about an hour north of Phantasialand, just announced their newest coaster that will be coming to the park in 2017. Movie Park Germany is opening a first-of-its-kind (in Europe) launch coaster from the beloved Manufacturer MACK Rides. The ride’s unofficial renderings that were presented at a town meeting near the park show a shuttle and launch feature, while having a complete circuit. Which could be the unique aspect. We have to wait and see what it is, but the ride will be the biggest coaster the park has ever seen and will be themed to an awesome franchise… STAR TREK! The ride’s name has been announced already: Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, and is debuting in the 2017 season. Many more details can be found here. ST-Banner-site002-1038x576

Let’s hop to Belgium where the construction of the country’s newest woodie is almost completed. The ride’s light package has also been installed, turning this GCI woodie into a purple, red, and pink masterpiece at night. The ride’s layout is the exact same as White Lightening at Fun Spot USA and has yet to open due to a environmental protection law that has been causing issues for the park. The park is unable to acquire a permit to operate the ride ’til they make several changes, leaving the ride inoperative at this moment. Pulsar at the nearby Walibi Belgium has been open for a while on the other hand and has been doing great! For more pictures of the new wooden coaster at Plopsaland De Panne, click here.Header-Heidi-3-1038x576

Let’s move to a country north of it, to The Netherlands where one of the world’s best theme-parks is located! The Efteling has a reputation comparable with Disney Resorts and Europa Park and is by far one of the most unique and highly-attended parks on the planet. Currently they’re working on a giant new darkride after their massive success with the custom B&M Dive Coaster: Baron 1898. The ride is highly anticipated by fans of the park and construction is in full swing. It’ll be a very unique dark ride on the level of Disney and Universal (slayed to be a hit) themed after the park’s main character “Pardoes” (a statue of which is seen below). Check out the construction progress here! Symbolica-Header-1038x576

And then a few countries north there was the, arguably, best wooden coaster ever created… WILDFIRE is the newest and most bad-ass wooden coaster in the world. Another true RMC creation. The ride features a crazy drop, three inversions, and a landscape beating all other RMC coasters ever built. The ride is on top of a mountain/rocky terrain overseeing a forest and a giant lake. The view alone seems to be worth a trip out to the park! We HIGHLY advice you check out a full ride review of the ride, in which we have lots of details about the ride experience and the awesome park in which its located!WFPano-1-Large-1038x576 (1)

And finally hopping to the Mediterranean…  There’s a Warner Bros. park located in Madrid, named Parque Warner Madrid, and it’s a park with an older Six-Flags-meets-Universal Studios-feel. The park features several headliners such as the tallest S&S tower on earth as well a giant Floorless Coaster through the desert, Europe’s only Batman clone, and a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang. The park just recently started expanding with DC characters all around the park, in addition to their new water park, and is rumored to also receive a Justice League darkride next year. The park’s one of the better parks in Europe, so if you want to take a look around, here’s a trip report! Header-Parque-Warner-1038x576

Thanks for checking out this quick European news section. Our European site has recently added a lot of new content and is in the process of adding a lot in the next few days/weeks. So check out European Coaster Kings and follow them!

We also just visited SeaWorld San Diego and California’s Great America! Check out the trip reports/updates! SWSD71916 Banner002 (Large)

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