Our travels in search for the best roller coasters and theme parks continue all around the globe. In 2018 there is a particularly heavy focus on Asia, with visits to the Shanghai region, Hong Kong, as well as Japan. For the purpose of keeping all Asia reports in one spot, we have a dedicated Asia page on California Coaster Kings. Separated by country, please find our reports below. Please be aware that more reports are on their way!


Shanghai Disneyland in the Snow! – The first ever snowfall at Shanghai Disneyland, and we got pictures!

A Look at Shanghai Disneyland – A tour of Shanghai Disneyland, our favorite Disney park on earth. A very impressive opening roster with some of the best attractions in the world!

TRON: Lightcycle Power Run Review – A review of one of the most spectacular roller coasters on earth, the Vekoma motorbike coaster at Shanghai Disneyland’s Tomorrowland!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland – The last Disney resort I had yet to visit was Hong Kong Disneyland. It had been a wild 9 months in which we visited all Disney parks around the world, and it ended with the one I knew the least about, the one that was always overshadowed by the more significant Disney parks. Upon visiting Hong Kong Disneyland it became clear why I, and many others, overlook this park. The park’s young age yet old feel has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Ocean Park Hong Kong – Very likely to be the most scenic park on earth, this massive marine and theme park features amazing coasters and exhibits and is one of our favorite parks in the world!


Tokyo Disneyland –  I thought that among the shiny and unique Disney parks I had encountered Tokyo Disneyland would not stand out. After all, Disney’s best product (DisneySea) was just next door. I was pleasantly surprised. Tokyo Disneyland has something to offer that no other Disney park can. Let’s find out what that is!

Tokyo Dome City– Tokyo Dome City is nothing short of an enthusiast’s gateway drug into the world of Japanese theme parks. A great flume? A unique Intamin hyper? Essentially Japanese glitz? Pokemon? Oh yes.

Tobu Zoo – This park is famous for their big wooden coaster Regina and their Intamin Mega-Lite Kawasemi. Tobu Zoo also is home to a collection of sad animals in their large zoo. Unfortunately the animals seem not well taken care of, and is something that we disliked about the park.

Toshimaen – The seemingly countless amusement parks of the greater Tokyo area come in all shapes and sizes – most are small, but several are surprisingly big once you’re inside (Tobu Zoo), and some are utterly massive (DisneySea, Yomiuriland). Perhaps the biggest small park in Tokyo (or maybe the smallest big park) is Toshimaen?

Port of Nagoya Aquarium – Due to typhoon trami messing with our schedule, we suddenly had a day to kill in Nagoya. We visited one of our bucket-list destinations, an aquarium with killer whales!

Yomiuriland – Home of Bandit, the Original Mega Coaster. Bandit inspired the creation of Magnum XL-200 and is one of the country’s best-known coasters. Unfortunately, Bandit was a bit of a letdown for us. The real stars at this park are the unique Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster, Spin Runway, and the super-Japanese ramen rapids ride!

Osaka Small ParksHimeji + Hirakata + Don Quijote Oblong Wheel – On the final day of the East Meets ACE tour we were blessed with great weather and two parks with 5+ credits each (plus a bonus culture credit in the form of an unusual Ferris Wheel in downtown Osaka).

Higashiyama Zoo & Suzuka Circuit Motopia – Two distinctly Japanese parks that are both well known for completely different reasons. Higashiyama is home to many animals in a giant zoo and is well known for their Slope Shooter roller coaster. Suzuka Circuit Motopia is located at, you’ve guessed it… the world famous Suzuka Circuit. The Suzuka branding brings along a budget that helps maintain a very clean and polished park with some awesome coasters.

Nagashima Spa Land – The Cedar Point of Japan, as we call it, offers one of the best coaster collections in the world with classic Schwarzkopfs and Arrows as well as legendary Japanese coasters like Ultra Twister. Nagashima Spa Land is also famous for Steel Dragon 2000, the longest and biggest coaster in the world. In recent years the park has added Acrobat, a clone of Manta at SeaWorld Orlando, as well as Arashi, one of the craziest coasters we have ever ridden.