Shanghai Disneyland in the Snow

Alexander: Ni hao!

Welcome to a very special Disney update!

Those of you who follow us on social media may be aware of a little Shanghai, China trip we took at the end of last month. While this was my 2nd time visiting Shanghai Disneyland, it was a new Disney Resort for Sean (his 2nd ever, after Disneyland Resort Anaheim).

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We were treated to some very special weather conditions on our visit. The first day had some valuable hours of sun before turning overcast at noon; that evening, snow flurries materialized. The next day, by the time we were back at Shanghai Disney, big fluffy snowflakes came down in profusion!

As if Disney in the snow wasn’t already magical enough, this was the FIRST snowfall in the history of Shanghai Disneyland! See for yourself!

Things start out business-as-usual at the metro station.

Hello Tron! are you enjoying the snow?

It’s not terribly obvious yet, but there’s quite a bit of snow falling!

With quite a bit of moisture on the ground, it took a few hours for the snow to stick in some places.

Right here is where guests can enjoy a faceful of fresh powder as they whiz past a gap in the grid at nearly 60mph.

As the snow continued to dance its way around Shanghai’s 30ºF temps, we thought we’d take a ride on the world’s longest river rapids ride, Roaring Rapids.

By this point the snow had picked up enough that it’s plain to see in a still camera shot.

Aside from being an exceptionally cold experience on our visit, Roaring Rapids is a top-notch rapids ride that feels like a faster, longer Grizzly River Run with South American flair.

Sean ended up with quite a bit of water on his right pant leg on one of our rides.

An unseasonably wet and cold day at Shanghai Disneyland is a great opportunity to enjoy the resort’s most popular ride without having to wait in a 3hr queue.

Ten minutes for Soarin’? Unheard-of!

We finished our trip around the world to find – you guessed it! Even more snow!

There’s something so delightful about Adventure Island and Pirate’s Cove covered in snow.

Both of these themed lands are supposed to take place in equatorial climates that have never seen this kind of weather.

And yet, here we are. Adventure Isle and Pirates Cove make loop around a large lagoon on the east side of Shanghai Disneyland. Today the park’s “east loop” is more of an arctic circle.

Good thing we have Disney’s single-greatest attraction at our disposal to help protect us from the snow.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure is the greatest dark ride, if not the greatest theme park ride, ever built. Naturally it took the #1 spot on our Worldwide Disney Top 20 article after my rides in 2017.

We next braved the elements on Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, which is considerably more forgiving that Roaring Rapids in these conditions.

Guest: (in Mandarin) “Hello, I would like some information on why it is snowing today.”

Cast Member: “You and me both.”

Enchanted Storybook Castle has never looked more enchanting.

Likewise, the Alice in Wonderland maze has never looked more whimsical.

At this rate, The Red Queen is starting to look more like the White Queen!

Soon we needed a lengthy break from the snow. Shanghai Disney was prepared with delicious salted caramel hot chocolate and various Mickey-shaped puddings.

Why the sudden photo shoot in the bitter cold?

Because Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has never been more beautiful!

It would be fair to say that snow is right at home on a Snow White-themed ride.

Everywhere we went, children had drawn pictures of Mickey Mouse on the dustings of snow upon park benches.

From here we retreated to the warmest attraction at Shanghai Disney, Tron.

Nighttime is when the snowfall really came alive.

Cold? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

There’s just something about nighttime flash photography in the snow.

(my new laptop background)

Mickey Avenue!

Guests were slipping and sliding all over the place as the slush slowly became ice.

Celebration of Lunar New Year was well underway. The Year of the Dog is off to a great start! Dogs love snow; especially Pluto!

All of the trains on the Shanghai Disneyland Railway have stopped because of the snow!

(just kidding. There is no Shanghai Disneyland Railway. It’s just a decorative, train staton-themed entrance)

Maybe some day they’ll put an actual train here!

We are equal parts “omg this is the greatest day of our lives” and “omg I can’t feel my feet and I probably have pneumonia.”

Nighty-night Steamboat Willy!

No, this isn’t Tron. It’s the Shanghai Disney Metro Station from the outside! They sure love their glowing rainbow canopies!

That concludes our snow-filled update of Shanghai Disneyland, but this is only the tip of the iceberg! Join us back here soon for Sean’s ride-by-ride analysis of Shanghai Disneyland, featuring lots of details and non-snowy photos that can’t be missed!

See ya real soon!

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  1. Surprised they didn’t freak out and hit the ‘cancel’ button shutting down the park. OMG IT’S SNOWING! RUUUUUUUUUUN! Gotta get the bread milk and butter for the French Toast run!

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