Asia Coaster News – Late November 2020

Welcome to our second news installment taking a look at some projects throughout Asia. In the past all of our Asia content on the site has been related to our own trips to these parks. Now we’re expanding information on new projects beyond our Facebook pages in site updates. Enjoy this update of Asia Coaster News.

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This update will coincide with a map of China, the numbers on the map will correspond with the topics/projects below!

1. Dragon Valley (Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

We’ll start with an update on the Nanjing park named Dragon Valley. The project is home to a dueling Golden Horse (Jinma Rides) kiddie coaster, as well as a Vekoma Shockwave. Both rides have been installed, along with a few other highlight attractions of the park. However, the new-for-2020 park is now expected to be delayed ’til 2022.

It wouldn’t be the first project in China that could suddenly be completed much quicker than anticipated, but based on the amount of the park that has yet to be constructed, another year delay seems inevitable.

For those that missed the last update, this park’s location is relatively accessible from Shanghai and is located in the same province as the new Happy Valley Nanjing, China Dinosaurs Park, World Joyland, Wuxi Sunac Land, and HB World. Just to name a few. The park, sprawling with both indoor and outdoor areas, is anticipated to be a highly-detailed park, as demonstrated by the dragon and rockwork at this side of the park.

The above images were found on the wonderful Roller Coaster Master, a Chinese-based theme park page.

If you’re looking for a full dissertation on this incredible new park, check out our newest article taking a detailed look, HERE.

2. Fantasy Valley (Xiangyang, Hubei, China)

This is a very exciting project that we just learned about this month! Fantasy Valley will be home to three roller coasters including a B&M Wing Coaster, GCI Wooden Coaster, and a Golden Horse (Jinma Rides) Mine Train! The park will take a center lagoon approach with the three coasters evenly distributed around the park. The Wing Coaster will interact with the entrance:

The park’s wooden coaster looks to be a clone of American Thunder at Six Flags St. Louis, but may be featuring the new Titan Track (steel track) from GCI.

The park’s Wing Coaster has a unique layout and will be the largest attraction at the park. The B&M coaster has a straight first drop diving directly at the park’s entrance plaza.

The park’s Golden Horse Mine Train coaster will be a clone of the Snow Mountain Racer at Sunac Land Harbin, which features lots of multi-media, as well as backwards and forwards sections with wide trains seating four people per row. Think of it as Golden Horse’s approach to an Expedition Everest-style coaster with Gringotts-esque trains.

Last but not least, the park is also home to a major water ride, Golden Horse’s version of a MACK Rides Supersplash, including turntables. (Previously the Golden Horse versions just featured turns). Some may count this as a credit:

We’re excited to see the project come together! Shout out to Roller Coaster Master for uploading these plans!

3. Forest World (Suzhou, Jiangsu, China)

Forest World is currently home to a custom Golden Horse (Jinma Rides) Tilt Coaster named Broken Rail Roller Coaster, a Golden Horse wild mouse, and a jungle-themed dark ride using technology found on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey rides. The park is now adding the tallest MACK Rides coaster to date, a 203 ft. tall launch coaster by the name of Hurricane Roller Coaster. This coaster features impressive acrobatics, including a Top Hat, Immelman, Cobra Roll, Vertical Loop and several intense ejector-airtime hills. These are the latest construction shot:

We’re excited to see the project come together! Shout out to Roller Coaster Master for continuous coverage of the project!

4. Visionland (Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China)

In the province of Guangdong, near the mega metro of Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, etc., we’ll soon see another park arise! This theme park has seen a change of plans several times, but latest concepts call for three Golden Horse (Jinma Rides) coasters, including a Suspended Looping Coaster, a Broken Rail Coaster (tilt coaster), and a Super Spinning Coaster.

The exact theme of the park seems to be another clear mix of popular ideas, as frequently seen at Chinese regional parks. The entrance is a castle:

No Chinese theme park is complete without a dinosaur reference!

The sci-fi/future themed land is home to the spinning mouse from Jinma Rides, they feature a barrel roll and are actually great! We rode one at China Dinosaurs Land! The only other note I have is that there seem to be some clear inspirations drawn from other famous theme park projects around the world:

The park will also be home to a giant Ferris Wheel, a seemingly large water ride, and of course the Jinma Rides SLC.

Again, themes run absolutely wild at this park!

Over by the tilt coaster, which seems like a copy of the Forest World Suzhou broken rail coaster, we see another shoot the chute water ride:

Like any major park in recent history, a giant center lagoon will be the first thing you see upon entering Visionland’s gates.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland (Lantau Island, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Disneyland has recently opened their new castle as part of their 15th anniversary celebration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

In addition, we’re seeing construction on the new Arendelle area for the resort. Concepts are a bit conflicting with what we’re seeing however. The concepts last released show a coaster for Hong Kong, and no coaster but lake overlook for Paris.

However, we’ve already seen construction of the coaster for Hong Kong, but we’re now too seeing theming and buildings only rendered up for Paris. Looks like the area may turn out quite different than we had first anticipated.

Thanks to ThemeparX and HKDL Fantasy for the above images.

6. Chongqing Sunac Land (Chongqing, China)

Legendary Twin Dragon, the park’s new Intamin Impulse coaster, is the World’s tallest inverted coaster standing over 70 meters (230 ft.) tall. According to Intamin, the coaster may run forward and backward in totally 8 times with top speeds of 118 kph (73 mph). If it actually shuttles 8 times may be up to each individual park.

The above images were found on Roller Coaster Master.

7. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom/ Chimelong Marine Science Park (Zhuhai, Guangdong, China)

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s second gate is still quite delayed due to this year’s pandemic. However, the resort is trucking right along in ensuring the newest attractions are opening as soon as possible. One of the projects is the Chimelong Marine Science Park, which will be the world’s biggest indoor amusement park and will combine a theme park with a massive aquarium, including a record-breaking orca exhibit.

The Orca Exhibit will be the park’s main draw and will take up quite some space. It will be a dual level experience (with the aquarium below the stadium) featuring a first-of-its-kind wave machine.

It will also be home to the largest acrylic aquarium wall, breaking their own record currently held by their park next door. If you have yet to read up on the main gate, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, make sure to do so in our report: here.

The park is also home to the newest hotel on resort, the science museum hotel is sleek, modern, has its own entrance to the new park, will feature rooftop pools, bars and entertainment with stunning views of the amazing surroundings.

To give a bit of a scope to the project, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a massive theme park, and the new gate will stretch the entire length of the existing park utilizing several levels to incorporate the array of new attractions! (Note this picture is nearly 2 years old, we drove by the new gate in 2019 and it’s absolutely massive):

The resort, which is home to Mainland China’s largest hotel and best attended theme park, recently opened their much-needed train/metro station making it easier to reach this stellar resort. The resort’s fourth ticketed attraction will be an observation experience in the mountains above Hengqing Bay. The attraction will be a suspended cable car/lift ride that takes you to viewing platforms on top of the mountain. This mountain will also host the resort’s 3rd gate eventually, a jungle-themed amusement park.

Thanks to Themeparx for being such a perfect Asia theme park source!

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