Dragon Valley Nanjing – A Detailed Look at one of Asia’s Biggest Theme Parks

This article will highlight a brand new park under construction in the Jiangsu province of the People’s Republic of China. The park is located in Nanjing, just a few hours west of Shanghai. This park, once opened, will be quite accessible for foreign travelers seeking to venture beyond the Shanghai bubble. Below we’ll take a look at some of the fascinating concepts for this giant park.

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We’ll start the look at the new park with a quick map showing you approximately where Dragon Valley is located within the People’s Republic of China:


Dragon Valley was born out of the idea of following a Dragon’s Journey and with a size of 648 acres, will be the largest comprehensive indoor park in Asia. However, the park does have several major outdoor attractions. While the idea was born from dragons, as the name implies, the park will bring together themes of the beach, rainforest, future and caves.

The park is currently still under construction but is expected to open in 2022, the below construction image of the project does a nice job showing the massive size, as well as how large the indoor portions truly are.

Dragon Valley Town

Guests will enter Dragon Valley at Dragon Valley Town. From here they have the option to immediately venture outside, or to head to Fantasy Future by taking a left turn, or towards the massive water park Storm Beach on the left.

The entrance to the park will serve as a highly energetic experience with projection mapping and LED shows in the lobby.

Fantasy Future

The first area of the park, located on the right side of the entrance, is Fantasy Future. This area clearly still draws inspiration from a dragon theme, but applies it to a colorful futuristic environment. The attractions found in this area include two outdoor coasters (per the concepts), a Skyloop and a racing family coaster from Jinma Rides (construction for this coaster has been completed).

Indoor attractions focus heavily on flat rides and digital experiences and definitely remind us from indoor attractions we’ve seen throughout China. This area seen below (loosely translated) is the Multidimensional Space and Time area, which focuses on future-ecology such as space travel, sustainability, etc. This is where the “Crossing the Stars” Skyloop roller coaster is part of,

The next area of Fantasy Future is Energy Center and Planet Base, a futuristic city and science lab with a dark ride named “Star Trek” (translated, will not be the actual Paramount Franchise).

Rain Forest Secret Realm

The next area of the park is quite large and takes a naturalistic approach. Rain Forest Secret Realm is located in a giant subtropical climate recreated within the indoor park.

The transition from Fantasy Future to Rain Forest Secret Realm will be presented in an alien-lifeform setting with highly unusual and exotic plants in the Misty Forest part of the land.

Lost Oasis will be a giant temple with a Flying Theater inside, as well as a sky diving experience off the temple. The land will be home to several additional rides.

Lost Oasis – Miracle Island will be a bioluminescent themed area, home to the Rain Forest Secret Realm’s center piece tree. The tree is named Tree of Life and will house an elf-themed walk through. The area’s big ride is a rapids ride (slow version) that will navigate the lush landscape. Very unique is the area’s floating restaurant on the center lagoon below the Tree of Life.

Nugget Mountains is the area’s kiddie land with walk throughs and play structures, as well as haunted house.

The park’s crown jewel experience however, will be the mega Vekoma launch coaster named Dragon in Jungle. This Vekoma Shockwave coaster is the Rain Forest Secret Realm’s outdoor attraction and will feature several inversions, tunnels, water effects, lagoons, etc.

The signature looping launch coaster will be incredibly nicely integrated with the area’s infrastructure.

Storm Beach

The park’s next big project is an indoor/outdoor water park complex named Storm Beach.

Storm Beach will be home to several themed areas within, including Rainforest, themed to a lush jungle:

Hurricane Bay will be home to a giant wave pool, a sunroof, a mainstage for shows, and lots of water effects.

Pirate Town is the area’s family friendly indoor section with lots of theming, walkthroughs and restaurants.

Outside we’ll find the highly colorful Mythical Seas with a collection of waterslides including a mat racer, lacer/high-tech slides and a family raft slide.

Back inside we have what sounds like my favorite area so far! Mysterious Ruins is home to a surf simulator, bars, small pools, tranquil spots to relax, etc.

Central to all the Storm Beach attractions is the kiddie themed Coral Beach area with family-friendly slides, water features and play grounds.

Cave Wonderland

The park’s center is made up of Cave Wonderland, an indoor/outdoor thematic experience with a shoot the chute water ride, massive walkthroughs and rockwork to admire. The exterior of the building is wrapped in giant dragon sculptures to make for a gorgeous center piece to the park.

Here’s a peak at how stunning it already looks!

Treasure Hall

Treasure Hall is the final area of the park, and connects to Cave Wonderland. This visually stunning and elegant area will be home to 2 stories of signature dining and special event space!

Thank you for joining us to Dragon Valley, we hope to visit the park in person once they open! For more Asia park news, click here. 

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