Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience Review – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Holiday festivities have begun here in Southern California. And while it does seem quite a bit different compared to what it was in years past, we are still trying to soak in every single moment. The first park we visited this year for the holidays is Six Flags Magic Mountain. Because the park is currently not allowed to be open for normal operation, they have adjusted Holiday in the Park to make it a drive-thru experience. In this review, we’ll share some basic information on the event along with our review.

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Before we begin, the entire Coaster Kings team would like to thank Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting us out to the park for their media event. We had a fantastic time; the drive-thru experience was an amazing compliment to what is already a consistently great holiday event.

X2 looked ridiculously gorgeous while we were waiting at the toll booths. We missed this view!

We noticed that the park has installed their “Do the Six” signage. In addition to the signage shown below, you’ll see a bit farther along in this review that there are also safety reminders inside the park.

We received a package of fudge from the park after checking in. It was delicious!

The first thing you’ll see: Mr. Six’s bus all decked out in Christmas form.

You enter the park through backstage and into DC Universe. It felt so good to finally be back into Magic Mountain! The event cost varies depending on when you go, but it is free for Six Flags members and season passholders.

Blue Christmas!

My favorite part of Holiday in the Park this year is Crazanity. The park actually has the ride running to provide an additional touch of kinetic energy. Even though we couldn’t ride, just seeing it swing back and forth made me so happy.

Metropolis: Christmas edition.

Moving into The Underground, we can see some of the holiday decorations that are draped around the entrance.

We miss West Coast Racers!

We were SO happy to see live performers at the event this year for two reasons. First, they add another layer to the holiday festivities that can’t be beaten. Secondly, Six Flags employees getting back to work!

This was my favorite area of the park during Holiday in the Park last year. I’m glad to see it remains mostly the same.

Please just let us ride Tatsu? We promise not to tell! 😉


On the other side of Chop Six, we can see that a polar bear family has found a new home.

We are now at the formal entrance area of the park. I love how vibrant they make it over here.

Passing by the iconic park fountains, we are now headed towards Full Throttle.

I love these trees they put in Full Throttle’s courtyard.

Mrs. Claus is saying hello outside of Golden Bear Theater! She and the elves made sure to wish us a merry Christmas.

The Steampunk District turns into the Gleampunk District when it’s Holiday in the Park. Notice the light colors are Twisted Colossus colors!

I was really surprised (and impressed) by how many performers they had this year. Here’s another one.

The finale of the experience was seeing Santa!

Overall, we thought Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience was fantastic. It’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit while at the same time being as safe as can be. The loop around the whole park takes about 35-40 minutes. We also had to wait about 15-20 minutes before getting in. Definitely go if you can. Tickets are only $20-30 (depending on when you go) and it is free with a season pass or membership.

Once again, we would like to thank Six Flags for inviting us out for this fantastic event. We will most definitely be back. Thank you all for reading this review of Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience. You can check out more photos from the event on our social media platforms. See you all in the next one!

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9 Replies to “Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience Review – Six Flags Magic Mountain”

  1. We were not satisfied with this light show. The show is really wasted money. children 7 and 10 years old were absolutely not interested and bored. At the end of the route, I thought that there was still a beginning ahead of us. the price for a ticket should not be $ 35 per person, but a maximum of $ 10.

  2. The parts that were lit was stunning however, there were a lot of huge blank spaces. Over priced greatly for what was there. Definitely not worth $35 per person.

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