The 5 Best Coaster Color Schemes in California

20150327_110607 (Large)In California we have a myriad of beautiful looking coasters all across the state. The colors a coaster wears can solidify its identity as a ride, make it stand out among an otherwise busy skyline, or just make a coaster look gorgeous. Because we are so fortunate to have so many beautiful coasters, we thought it was a wonderful idea to highlight some of the best looking ones. Let’s take a look at the The 5 Best Coaster Color Schemes in California!

5. Giant Dipper

The Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the epitome of a classic, and iconic roller coaster. In coasters and in life, icons have certain traits that make them so recognizable. In the case of Giant Dipper, its classic look and color scheme that it has maintained over the years plays a large role in its status as a lasting symbol in the California coaster world. The vibrant red accents of the rail wood contrasting with the clean white look of the structure is a simple but beautiful look. It’s very hard to look at this 90 plus year old coaster and not admire the clean, classic look, thus it’s earned a spot on our list.DSC_0221.JPG (Large)

4. Superman: Escape from Krypton

When driving past Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is a tremendous amount of vibrant twisted steel that pierces the surrounding landscape, but the 415 foot tall red, blue, and yellow Superman: Escape from Krypton structure can’t help but dominate the skyline. After its rebirth in 2011, the industrial grey Superman: The Escape was painted in the character’s classic colors and what a difference it made. No matter from where you are in the park, or the surrounding area, the exceptionally bright primary color scheme of Superman: Escape from Krypton always catches the eye.20150616_191646 (Large)

3. X2

X2 is the first ride guests see as they approach the park, and it sure gives a lasting impression. X2’s identity as a coaster since its transformation in 2008 is based heavily on intensity and intimidation. Much of this is reflected in its overall theming in the queue, soundtrack, and sensory (fire) effects. However, this is all reinforced by the powerful, confident colors it wears. Thanks to the high quality types of paint and painting methods, the paint still looks as if it were just added recently. The dark yet striking red goes hand in hand with the charcoal black makes for one scary yet gorgeous looking ride, and therefore it earns our number three spot.20160325_073027 (Large)

2. Xcelerator

Xcelerator has a very retro theme, the idea being you’re in a hot rod drag race. As a result, the retro pink and turquoise look is a wonderful compliment. The two smooth colors contrast beautifully, and as the track paint has faded to pink over the years, while the supports have recently been repainted and look shiny, the ride has begun to look even more retro, which we personally love. It may be simple, but just like the ride, it delivers a powerful visual punch, and makes our spot as a personal favorite, number two.20141109_141206 (Large)

1. Twisted Colossus

Colossus was a classic coaster with a classic look, but when a ride was given a breath of fresh air in its transformation to Twisted Colossus, it was given a fresh new look also. The white structure was repainted to give it a brand new look, with vibrant blue and green track slithering and dueling throughout. A classic was reborn, and the beautiful modern look reflects that. Unlike the other RMC hybrid coasters, Twisted Colossus used vibrant colors other than shades of red. On the white structure, these colors ‘pop’ and make the ride one of the best looking coasters around. Therefore, Twisted Colossus is our number one pick.20150520_112545 (Large)

Of course this article is very much related to our opinion and style, and picking the 5 best ones wasn’t particularly easy. Rides like Silver Bullet, Medusa, Vortex, Demon, Tatsu, and a bunch more, all have amazing color schemes. So let us know your personal top 5 below, or comment any other thoughts!

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