Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 10th 2016

20160410_145048 (Large)It was time for a Six Flags Magic Mountain visit again, and even though the weather was weird (as you will see in the pictures) I had a fun quick trip, and the crowds were very mild. In today’s update we’ll be looking at several changes around the park, new ads regarding The New Revolution and the All Season Flash Pass, tracer lights around the loop of The New Revolution, the Action Theater area, and a whole lot more!

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First let’s start off with the new banners outside of the park regarding The New Revolution. They state that the ride is now open exclusively for Season Pass Holders, though advanced registration is required. 20160410_154316 (Large)Inside the park, the park is now officially advertising the All Season Flash Pass. More information regarding the All Season Flash Pass can be found here.20160410_140247 (Large) The New Revolution was opened for Season Pass Previews today. The second train is on the storage tracks, but I totally forgot to snap a picture of it. The train is the exact same, except white rather than red. 20160410_140342 (Large) On a cool note, and perhaps a tiny bit hard to see, the tracer lights around the loop are on! The colors change slowly every few seconds (red, white, blue), and when a train enters the loop, they move quickly, with the train. It’s a cool feature, and I’ll soon be back to get some pictures of it in the dark. 20160410_140557 (Large) The New Revolution, as I mentioned last update, is on all park directories now. So is the Helpful Honda Express. Oddly the ‘Ride Orient Express to Samurai Summit’ line below the Superman logo has not been changed. 20160410_153355 (Large) As I said, the weather was strange today. One second there was overcast, the next there’d only be a few clouds in the sky. 20160410_141431 (Large)20160410_152839 (Large)I love walking down the hill towards Cyclone Bay. You get this wonderful view of all Ninja’s twisted track in the area, as well as Jet Stream that’s in the same area. More on Jet Stream later.20160410_141715 (Large) Over at the Action Theater, not much seems to be changed, if you look at first. 20160410_152353 (Large) But the entire area is now filled with markers and marks. There’s hardly a single spot of concrete that doesn’t have either orange or pink marks.20160410_152357 (Large)  The same counts for the opposite side of the theater/waterfront. In this picture it may be hard to spot all the markers further away. 20160410_143053 (Large) Right next door is the Riddler’s Revenge. And as I ran into The Coaster Guy, we hopped on together. Riddler’s Revenge is running incredibly well lately. And it was practically a walk on today, so a win-win right there!20160410_145048 (Large) Moving on to Jet Stream. The ride was filled with water, operators all in place, and the maintenance technicians seemed to be conducting several tests. 20160410_152438 (Large) I’m unsure if the ride reopened after my visit, but I’m confident it may have. If not open today, then definitely soon! (Look at how nice the weather was all the sudden). 20160410_152448 (Large) Kwerk is officially coming back to the Gearworks Theatre this summer! I absolutely loved that show, I’m glad to see it come back. 20160410_150101 (Large) For those of you who asked me over the past few weeks how smooth the newly refurbished Scream! train is. It’s smooth, though it can have a vibrating rattle like the other trains when the train is empty. 20160410_150242 (Large) The park is also setting up the Full Throttle Nights stage again. This will be the 4th year of this nightly show at the park. 20160410_151201 (Large) Speaking of Full Throttle, let’s finish with this shot I took today. Don’t forget to check out some pictures of its brand new light package, a link to the article with the pictures is found below!20160410_141549 (Large)

20160331_201322 (Large)Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Visit last week’s Six Flags Magic Mountain Update for shots of the new light package on Full Throttle!

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20160402_132330 (Large)

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 10th 2016”

  1. So I went to magic mountain today on the 11th and Jetstream was open, also I had signed up for the early season pass ride on the new revolution and a few days ago magic mtn. emailed me saying it was cancelled, I asked one of the staff members why if they might know why and they responded that it would only be open on weekends, don’t know if everyone else knew that would be something going on but I got to say I was pretty disappointed, anyway that’s all, just thought I’d mention about that

    1. also when I went by riddlers and they had a big drill out there by there where the action theater was right next to the queue line for riddlers

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