10 Best Roller Coaster Queues

5. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – Universal’s Islands of Adventure (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Universal Orlando Resort has knocked it out of the park several times with their Harry Potter themed queues. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is no exception. While the queue is a slight rehash of the original Dueling Dragons queue, it offers spectacular views of the motorbikes as they navigate the Forbidden Forest and brings to life a previously untold story in the Harry Potter universe. With easter eggs from the movies and previous Universal attractions, as well as important story telling scenes, this queue has it all.

4. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise – Movie Park Germany (Bottrop, Germany)

An experience that blew our minds is Movie Park Germany’s Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. Guests experience every step of the journey from the Federation HQ to the USS Enterprise itself. This queue is packed with franchise related easter eggs, modern effects, pre-shows, and even a visit to the bridge of the USS Enterprise before boarding your shuttlecraft! The whole experience is in German, which in a way makes it even more entertaining.

3. Vliegende Hollander – Efteling (Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands)

An absolute favorite among any Efteling visitor is De Vliegende Hollander. Not only is the ride’s station a perfect start to your journey on the ride, the queue itself can not be left undiscussed. Once guests enter the old Dutch mansion, they soon find that the canvas (painting) that they enter leads them into another world. Vliegende Hollander‘s (Flying Dutchman) queue is an incredibly detailed journey through the infrastructure of this small harbor at night, accompanied by one of the best theme park musical scores ever composed. To top it all off, the experience pays perfect homage to historic Dutch culture.

2. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts – Universal Studios Florida (Orlando, Florida, USA)

There are a few moments in the Harry Potter stories that lend themselves very well to being turned into theme park experiences. Gringotts is a blatant choice. Entering the bank for the first time is any wizarding fan’s dream come true, but it’s equally as impressive to those with a casual interest in the franchise. Massive chandeliers and animatronic goblins are just the beginning of your journey into the vaults. For what it’s worth, the queue’s theming and detail continue on the ride creating for one of the most seamless and cohesive experiences out there.

1. Wodan – Europa Park (Rust, Germany)

Wodan greets visitors with an elaborate entrance arch which sets the tone of the Norse theme. The queue begins in a recreation of a Viking village before venturing through multiple caves where you encounter various figures of Norse mythology. The use of special effects, simple animatronics, and theatrical music make this queue an attraction in and of itself and is widely regarded as one of the best coaster queues anywhere in the world.

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