10 Best Roller Coaster Queues

Airtime, a solid mix of forces, stellar inversions, launches, drops, etc. There are so many ways to really make a good coaster. What makes an overall good experience, however, often depends on the surrounding infrastructure. In this article we’re highlighting some of the best coaster queues in the world that really elevate the overall experience of the attraction.

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10. Vampire – Chessington World of Adventure (Chessington, United Kingdom)

Vampire‘s new trains aren’t the only case of old meets new. The classic suspended Arrow coaster swings around beautiful landscaping and an impressive fortress that holds the queue for the ride. One of the best experiences in all of Chessington is this gothic queue that rivals that of other global theme park players.

9. Expedition Everest – Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Though you’d expect Disney to make this list several times, there are only few Disney coasters with queues as beautiful as Expedition Everest. Taking you to the far East and into the Himalayas, this Disney queue brings incredible story-telling in an exotic setting that truly transports you somewhere else.

8. Fenix – Toverland (Sevenum, The Netherlands)

Though one can say a slight inspiration has been drawn from the original Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure, Fenix‘ magnificent queue is worthy of making this list nonetheless. Whether you’re more into the story-telling aspect of the queue, including your Toverland version of Merlin, or the narrow staircases passing by highly detailed theming, this queue is half the experience. Just mind your step.

7. TRON: Lightcycle Power Run – Shanghai Disneyland (Pudong, Shanghai, China)

It should be no surprise that TRON made the list. Though the switchbacks under the canopy and in the “team room” are nothing to write home about, the spectacular integration of the coaster and the various sections of the queue is amazing. Sleek aesthetic, interactive window screens, observing the launch sequence from above, and watching a ‘live’ power run match in the station, this queue is sure to entertain. The ride’s queue-videos and wonderful Daft Punk soundtracks seal the deal and secure TRON: Lightcycle Power Run a spot on this list.

6. Xpress: Platform 13 – Walibi Holland (Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands)

Outdoor ‘Rock ‘n Rollercoaster‘ isn’t quite as entertaining as a light show (Disneyland Paris Resort), but the better queue can definitely be found in the Netherlands. Once themed to the (Superman- The Ride) Daily Planet offices, the queue lead to an outside station. In 2013 however, Walibi Holland turned the queue for this Vekoma launch coaster into a seriously terrifying haunt experience. Navigate a closed metro-station that comes with a fair share of effects and is certainly as thrilling as the coaster itself.

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