SHOP – Launch of Coaster Line – 5 New Designs

Shop Coaster Kings launched a week ago, and we’re excited to introduce some new pieces in time for the holidays! Over the course of the next six weeks, Shop Coaster Kings will launch five pieces weekly! This week, we’re excited to share our first merchandise of the new Coaster Line, inspired by some of your favorite coasters in the Southeast of the United States.

Dino Coaster

Inspired by what could be Florida’s very best coaster, merchandise pieces with this new design highlight a coaster element known as a Top Hat and pairs beautifully with black and navy backgrounds. Here are some examples of the merchandise:

For all Dino Coaster pieces, visit the shop. 

Fighter Jet Coaster

Inspired by one of our favorite inverted coasters, this design pays homage to favorite fighter jet themed rides from coast to coast. The blue design works well with several different backgrounds colors:

For all Fighter Jet Coaster pieces, visit the shop. 

Hybrid Croc

One of the most anticipated coasters in the world inspired this purple design. The 91 degree record-breaking first drop is the highlight of the merchandise:






For all Hybrid Croc pieces, visit the shop. 

Purple Shark

This is the fastest shark at the park. Inspired by many enthusiasts’ favorite airtime machine in Florida, this shark inspired design nicely compliments the Hybrid Croc design above:

For all Purple Shark pieces, visit the shop. 


Crossing into two different states with its massive size, every enthusiast knows of this beast. From colors of the track, to impressive stats. Everything about this coaster is noteworthy:

For all Sting325 pieces, visit the shop. 


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