What’s Next? – European Theme Park News – Week ending October 11th

Here’s a recap of the latest news at theme parks around Europe! Dino’s, Halloween and a brand new ride you want in your local theme park!

Check out the news of this edition:

Duinrell – October = Dino’s in Duinrell

From October 1st until November 1st, huge dinosaurs are spread all over the park. Next to 40 rides and 21 water slides in the Tikibad, guests can look for 20 lifelike & moving dinosaurs! Kids get a free quest to become a Duinrell-Dino-Ranger! While searching, they learn all about these extinct creatures like where they lived and what they ate.

Win a free stay at Duinrell!

Part of the quest invites guests to make an original Dino-photo (or video) and share it with the world including the #duinrell on Instagram. As the park shines during autumn/fall due to the hundreds of colors in the trees, it’s picture perfect! Beginning of November, the park will choose the best picture/video and the winner will get a free weekend at the Duinrell Vacation Park.

Book online or spend the night!

Due to the covid-measures, both the park and the Tikibad can only allow a limited guests. For that reason, making a reservation online is mandatory. Once at the park, guests can choose between two tickets: only the theme park or a combined ticket with Tikibad allowing 2 hour access for swimming. Besides that, the vacation park is the perfect place to spend the night and allows free acces to the theme park. Some accommodations also allow acces several times to the Tikibad.

More info and tickets? Visit  www.duinrell.com

Walibi Rhône-Alpes – Halloween is back!

The season of pumpkins is back at Walibi Rhône-Alpes! The team at the park is excited to welcome guests from October 3rd until November 1st. What can you expect? Two scare mazes, spooky zones and entertainment all over the park. So pack your courage and go have fun!

Watch out, you’re entering a scary zone!

This year, strange creatures take over “Vandou City” and will create a mystical atmposphere. In the “Fear Camp” area, butchers will wait patiently for their preys while they are on their way to the wooden coaster Timber. If you’re up for some real scares, there’s the Haunted Manor which will charm guests to the bone. And if that’s not scary enough for you, you can visit the AlcatraZ prison. Watch out as there’s only one way out without being torn into pieces. In the meantime, smaller guests can go on a treasure quest for candy. Or do you prefer to take a selfie with one of the many characters around the park? If that isn’t enough, you can carve your own pumpkin or get a spooky makeover. 

Don’t miss out on the long opening hours on October 24th, 25th and of course the 31st!

More info and tickets? Visit www.walibi.fr/en

Alterface – Action League, The Interactive Revolution

You might have heard of Alterface. They are market leader in interactive dark rides, with many examples of rides around the world. Think of Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium, the Justice League rides at Six Flags Parks or even an interactive rollercoaster at Qingdao Sunac Land!

Now, Alterface proudly introduces its latest ride Action LeagueTM. This innovative interactive tournament is based on a totally new formula where multiple teams compete against each other up to a final winner, featuring an ultra-dynamic multi axis rotation.

The Interactive Revolution

Imagine a combination of an interactive dark ride with a tea cup ride! The Action League features the first unique interactive tournament experience between all participating visitors. The competition takes place in one large room and all teams duel amongst each other, across 3 to 5 different scenes. Winning teams compete against each other, alternating up to the final winning team.

Shuffling of the teams is done during the rotation phase, which moves vehicles from one shooting window to the next. One game takes between two and three minutes, with 1,5 to 2,5 minutes of motion inbetween the games. Several competition formulas are available, between two teams, each in a vehicle, against other visitors in the same vehicle and through a scoreboard, which is positioned between two rooms. Intense shooting can be alternated with fast motion phases. During the rotation phase there is time to enjoy the motion and compare the scores.

The largest format accommodates 72 players across 12 teams in vehicles seating six people each, which is a stunning 1,000 persons per hour throughput. The standard format hosts 6 teams of six people per vehicle, with a total of 36 players and throughput up to 500 people per hour. Furthermore, operators can change the number of shooting phases to adjust throughput, allowing more visitors at busy moments or giving more time to players during quiet periods.

Stéphane Battaille, CEO of Alterface, concludes: “We are very excited about this new ride, which truly combines different levels of sensation and amusement into a completely new formula. Parks and leisure venues can obtain a major competitive edge by offering such technological high-level gaming experience, combined with the rotating thrill. The competitive aspect of Action League ensures a high repetition factor, whilst there is already an impressive throughput.”

More info? Visit www.alterface.com

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