Coaster Kings Launches New Webshop Alongside Reimagined Logo

Coaster Kings ( has presented their new branding today. After more than seven years of reporting on theme park experiences worldwide, the brand released a brand-new crown-inspired logo representing both the “Coaster” and “Kings” part of their industry-wide known name. The logo can now be found on all their social media platforms, including region specific pages for California, Europe and Florida.

The launch of the new logo coincided with the creation of the site’s first-ever webshop. The Shop Coaster Kings online store partners with Spreadshop, which offers great solutions for start-up stores and handles all fulfilment of orders. Shop Coaster Kings ( has a large collection of merchandise available as part of their inaugural merchandise line, including hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, hats, phone cases, masks, and more. Currently fans have access to nearly 250 different products, as well as the option to customize merchandise found in the online store.

To celebrate the launch of the brand’s new shop, Spreadshop offers a 15% discount on orders placed by October 22, 2020. Once the shop’s initial merchandise has been shipped to fans worldwide, Coaster Kings owner Sean Verheijen plans on collaborating with other site contributors to create seasonal merchandise lines that will be available for limited periods of time. 

Coaster Kings ( currently hosts over 1,500 informative articles, reviews, and photo reports of theme park experiences worldwide and has a following of about 200,000 across various social media platforms. Audiences more interested in conversations and audio-based coverage can enjoy two seasons of the brand’s renowned podcast Coaster Kings Radio, which is available for streaming on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. To celebrate the launch of Shop Coaster Kings and the new logo, Coaster Kings Radio is releasing a new podcast episode every week this month. 

To access the new store, click here.

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