F.L.Y. and Rookburgh – An Almost Spoiler Free Teaser

You might have heard of this new ride that recently started its soft-opening at Phantasialand! Yes, the new generation Vekoma Flying coaster might be high on your list. But because of Covid-19, you might not be able to book a trip right away. Here you can have a slight teaser with only some visual spoilers! Plus, we give you some good advice for a first visit.

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Even if you don’t want to be spoiled a lot, a few things will help you on your first visit. At the moment, Rookburgh and thus the F.L.Y. coaster are in soft opening. That means that there’s no guarantee that the zone will be open if you visit now. However, they also opened the Hotel Charles Lindbergh which includes in their special package a Fastpass for the Flying coaster on both days that you can visit the park. So unless there’s a major technical issue, the ride should be open!

Once in the park, you will see a special queue that they made in the Berlin area. Starting from the main entrance, you’ll spot stickers on the floor for a covid-19 adapted queue to enter Rookburgh. It can go all the way to the Fantasy area but lately, it usually only goes to the main square area in Berlin. The area usually opens between opening hour of the park and 1 pm. You’ll only know on the day you visit when that will be. Just check the app or pass by to see if they are letting guests in.

You’ll see that the queue usually goes pretty fast, unless when it is a very busy day obviously. Personally on a calm day, I waited around 15 minutes to enter. Once you do enter, you’re taking in a totally different section from Berlin. You’ll gaze upon something you’ve never seen before! High quality theming with visual pleasure everywhere you look. Both on a sunny or cloudy day as Rookburgh fits every type of weather.

Hotel guests have their own entrance to the area and you’ll immediately spot it on your left side.

You’ll also see this themed element. Keep an eye out for that one!

The story kind of speaks for itself. You’ll arrive in a kind of mining town and look around to see the details of how they are mining the coal/carbon.

When you enter, you might be confused as to where the entrance to the ride is. Just walk straight ahead over a kind of bridge and then you’ll find it on your right side.

You’ll then enter a pretty long queue but we usually waited around 20 minutes. Keep in mind that at the end, right before boarding, you’ll need to stuff all your items in a locker. And I’m not just talking about your backpack but everything needs to go in. Otherwise you’ll be stopped at the detectors and you’ll need to return to the locker to stock everything. The area has no nets to catch your loose items so respect the rules and make sure you don’t have anything with you. They have a great system for it so no worries about that.

All that’s left then is to enjoy your flight on this intriguing coaster! There’s a lot more to talk about but that would involve quite some spoilers. That’s why you’ll be able to listen to our special podcast dedicated to Rookburgh and F.L.Y. on Thursday October 15th where we’ll go into full detail! If you want to experience it for yourself first, fingers crossed that you can visit soon!

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