VelociCoaster Update – With Testing Footage – Early December 2020


We’ll follow the ride’s layout and start with the first Immelman!

Unique for this Intamin product line is the length of the trains, seating 24 passengers. This will help with making these elements particularly ‘whippy’ in the back!

The first half of the coaster takes place in the velociraptor enclosure:

The ride’s second element is a Dive Loop!

I am loving the colors on the trains!

After the two inversions, most of the first half takes place pacing through the rockwork, including encounters with velociraptors!

A quick launch brings you to the ride’s 160 ft. tall Top Hat element:

Which ends with a near-vertical drop!

Weirdly enough I noticed some of the paint on the supports already damaged, I wonder what’s the cause:

Seeing trains run through the layout was an absolute delight. Big fanboy moment for someone that truly adores all of Intamin’s recent launch coasters. We rode a few awesome ones around the world.

That drop!

After the Top Hat, the ride’s trains rush into the Stall where the trains run upside down for a moment:

The ride then traverses a wave turn, which should give a nice pop of air:

This shot helps demonstrate how airtime is created on a sideways moment like this:

The next element is a quick outward banked moment:

Followed by a snappy dive into the ride’s finale:

Which is an airtime hill…

Followed by a high-speed roll over the lagoon:

Which looks absolutely incredible!

Watch our testing video below to see how it navigates through these elements!

For now, our last picture will be of the moment I look forward to most:
We’ll end the update with a testing video that we shot today while at the park!

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