VelociCoaster Update – With Testing Footage – Early December 2020

We’re back with a new VelociCoaster Update! As the coaster has started daytime testing, we now also have testing footage to share with you, along with progress on infrastructure and theming!

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***Please note that this is a multi-page update, make sure to click on page 2 at the bottom of this page to get to all the testing footage!


We’ll start the update with some images of the ride’s theming and infrastructure. Per usual, Universal Orlando Resort has added even more plants to the VelociCoaster entrance plaza, making it nearly hard to even see the ride’s entrance.

The entrance itself is currently enclosed and is starting to blend in nicely. We also find a significantly larger amount of trees in the area that previously.

Every time I am here it gets harder and harder to see the concrete of the entrance area as vegetation engulfs it.

The resort has also added water plants, further obscuring the concrete:

Across the bridge, in the Lost Continent, a new building or patio is being constructed. I am not sure what it’s for, but it does connect to Mythos. Here’s also a sneak peak of the ride testing:

Over on the front side, we learned that the rockwork will also house a waterfall. Looking forward to seeing this water feature in action:

The lights on the exterior walls of the velociraptor enclosure now have their lights turned on, which switch from red to blue periodically:

Here’s a better look at them:

The ride’s grey walls and theming now nicely blend in with the rest of Jurassic Park, thanks to the resort’s dedication to adding trees and vegetation on the midway:

As of two weeks ago, this little gift hut has also reopened:

At night the new lights really make the enclosure come to life…

So does seeing trains run through the ride’s wild coaster elements. See page 2 for all of our testing footage.

Continue reading this report on PAGE 2 for all of our footage of the coaster testing, including video!

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