The Ride To Happiness Update – Plopsaland De Panne – December 2020

After our updates on the Walibi Belgium Mega coaster, it was time for us to head to the coast to have a look at the Xtreme Spinning coaster construction at Plopsaland De Panne! From the highway, you could see the beautiful dark red track popping up. Let’s check out the beautiful track of the other major coaster coming to Belgium in 2021:

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Let’s start right away with this view: WOW. Two of the major elements standing tall here!

After the first launch, the train will go up this Outside Banked Turn to then go down the first drop.

After that, riders will go through to the Banana Roll! Notice the First Drop here, could we see a trim brake here soon?

it seems that the next element to get built might be the Double Inverting Dive Loop! Heidi and Supersplash get  a great view of this wonderful new ride.

We got a bit closer for other views on the already built elements. Look at that Banana Roll!

Here, we could spot one of the lower turns too.

The Zero-G Roll got installed too. Looking forward to seeing the train in action on that!

The parking lot still has quite some coaster track and supports waiting to be installed. Next to the Double Inverting Dive Loop and the Looping. 

Speaking of the track, really like the color! 

There’s no denying that this coaster will be stunning to look at.

Before we continue with some other sides of the Xtreme Spinning, we had a look at the beautiful new hotel.

On top of the cash registers, they added a wonderful new clock tower.

If you would like to stay in one of the parks accommodations, another option will be to stay at the vacation resort. Plopsa continues to invest to become a true resort.

From this side, we got another view on The Ride To Happiness!

We then enjoyed a walk into the dunes of De Panne to return later on to a spot tipped by Litocoastercouple!

To end, here’s a more scenic shot of both Anubis and The Ride To Happiness! Honestly, seeing the Xtreme track out there really made me more excited for this ride. It will be an interesting duel between this one and the Walibi Mega next year!

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