VelociCoaster Update – Universal’s Islands of Adventure – October 26, 2020

Here’s a closer look at the trees and nets that have been steadily added over the past few weeks!

From the Three Broomsticks terrace, VelociCoaster is really starting to come to life with all the new greenery.

On the left side of the below picture you can appreciate how many trees have been added just over the past week:

I can stare at this all day. I just would really like some day time testing for me to photograph.

Alright, let’s move on to the front of the ride, where the newly built evacuation staircase has now been enclosed into some sort of cage-looking structure.

The “raptor enclosure” in which the ride takes place is slowly getting smothered in trees that really help with minimizing the harshness of the black and grey steel and concrete.

Even more trees have been added in front of the first dive loop, close to the Jurassic Park River Adventure entrance!

I am excited that the first things that catch your eye are now rockwork and trees. Kudos for bringing a naturalistic aspect to blend with the rest of the pre-existing Jurassic Park infrastructure.

In fact, they’re even painting some of the concrete walls! Which I think will really help with the perfect blend between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

Here’s a closer look:

We’ll throw in one final shot of the ride’s amazing looking top hat!

We’re also excited to now have our new merch to wear to the park!

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