VelociCoaster Update – Universal’s Islands of Adventure – October 26, 2020

Another week, another exciting update on the Jurassic World VelociCoaster coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the summer of 2021! While projects at Walt Disney World down the street seem to be delayed or pushed back. Universal’s coaster is looking more ready by the day! Join us for this new construction update!

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I can’t stay away from this ride! Universal Orlando Resort is moving along so quickly with this attraction that I can visit the resort several days in a row and every time there’s significant development! Let’s dive right in with the fact that all the walls along the waterside have been constructed. Not all details have been added yet.

I’ll immediately throw in a nerd shot! The track’s black color is so sleek. If you missed our last update about a week ago, the park has been adding nets. There are even a few more nets in this shot than a week ago:

The park is working really hard to get the scenery, landscaping and foliage in place for VelociCoaster. Note these new palm trees between the supports, as well as the rocks by the water:

All the scenery changes can be well appreciated from afar too, as the ride no longer looks like just a giant piece of black metal superstructure. The trees are really bringing a nice contrast.

This bridge was only open a few days, so I am glad I was able to walk on it. Lots of crews are working below the bridge. I am not sure if this is for bridge infrastructure or if we’ll get some interactive effects for when the trains zoom by.

It’s looking more and more like this big plot of new infrastructure and walkways in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center will be the ride’s entrance and queue.

The entrance, and maybe even exit are fully under construction.

The metal cage looking construction is the entrance, the new wall details below are also new.

It’s all looking a lot more like the ride’s entrance will have spectacular views of the trains dropping down from the top hat. Great choice!

The entrance infrastructure is quite wide, however there’s also a smaller entrance off to the side. Perhaps for cast, or Universal Express Pass? We’ll have to see.

Here’s another look at it:

All in all, it’s starting to shape up nicely. I do wish they would add a bridge to Toon Lagoon, because getting to the ride will not be convenient from this side of the park.

I’ll throw in a couple more shots of this side of the ride, before we move on to other angles on page 2:

Visit PAGE 2 for the more pictures of newly added netting, infrastructure, landscaping, and theming!

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