VelociCoaster Update – Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Late October 2020

These nets have an interesting location, but as of right now seem to be placed where they are so that loose articles can’t hit those guests at the expansion of the Discovery Center.

Interestingly, we have yet to see much netting being added to the bridge overpasses, but this may happen in the near future.

On the other side of the bridge (Lost Continent side), beefier concrete infrastructure is also under construction.

Ew, nets.

From Jurassic Park, the entrance to the bridge explains why there are nets in these locations, as supports are quite close to the public infrastructure. It is however a mystery to me that there aren’t any nets crossing over the midway underneath the stall.

From this angle it’s a tad more obvious why the nets are located where they are, as the ride track is close to the midway under construction:

More nets:

Alright, moving on to more exciting things! The front side/first half of the ride is starting to look absolutely spectacular! Looking at all this gorgeous rockwork!

The theming on this coaster will be fun, and I appreciate their dedication to making this side of the ride looking so nice.

As more walls and scaffolding are taken down, it becomes clear that much of the ride’s theming is a giant raptor enclosure with great viewing points from the midway.

The park has also added trees to the opposite side of the midway, helping with adding some green along the grey walls.

It’ll be fun to be around this coaster once testing happens during operating hours!

Dive loop, check!

As you can appreciate, the details of a coaster’s surrounding scenery and landscaping are hard to predict during track construction. Thus, to see all of this come together is quite exciting.

I also really appreciate greenery and plant life around large steel structures like this, which off to the right side of the picture you may be able to see:

The park has been busy adding mature foliage around the ride, which looks surprisingly amazing. It’s wild how much better a coaster looks with just a bit of landscaping.

The trees seen on either side of the coaster tracks here are new, including the flora added to the riverbanks below.

Once the walls on the bridge have been removed, this will be a stunning image:

Here’s a close-up of all the new landscaping!

Compared to how the coaster looked just a few days ago, it’s really starting to fit in, and I couldn’t be happier!

We’ll leave you with this shot of the Top Hat!

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