VelociCoaster Update – Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Late October 2020

Another week, another update! This time we’re getting to the exciting phase in which Universal Orlando Resort’s new launch coaster comes to life. In this update we’ve got landscaping, infrastructure, reveals, and much more! Enjoy this photo update of Jurassic World: VelociCoaster!

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Before diving into VelociCoaster goodness, Universal Orlando Resort is starting to put up some holiday decorations. It’s good to know that despite 2020 being an overall awful year for the industry, they’re still dressing up the parks.

Seuss Landing is getting ready for Grinchmas, and I am hoping we’ll also see some of the usual entertainment come back along with it.

For right now, however, some Holiday theming is exciting.

Much more exciting is the progress being made on VelociCoaster! The massive Intamin coaster has even been testing already. Though all vertical track construction is done, there’s still a lot left to do. Let’s take a look:

A lot of infrastructural changes can be found around the roller coaster and around the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. That includes new walls, new midways, a place for queue, and much more.

What looks like it will be part of the queue/entrance/exit is the the new superstructure going up right by the second launch. It seems like a logical entrance, but I am not sure exactly what it is.

This could just become a viewing point by the water, or this may house queue that will then enter the building under construction here:

Given the sheer size of the walkway and entrance into the building, it would make for quite a cool entrance to the ride’s station and pre-shows (if it has any).

Other new infrastructural changes include new emergency exits and staircases, netting, and details on the exit of the tunnel.

The tunnel itself will likely have some cool effects inside.

The details on the exit out of the tunnel are quite nice looking:

As we theorized in the past few VelociCoaster updates, the ride is going to feature quite some netting. The first sets of nets have already been installed:

Infrastructural changes continue on the other side of the Discovery Center as well.

I am curious to see how much of this guests can wander around, and how much of this is reserved just for those queueing.

I am not sure what this man on the final barrel roll is doing, but I want to do it too.

Really I came here to highlight the nets spanning across the supports of the second half of the ride.

Join us on PAGE 2 for more nets, amazing scenery and midway integration, as well as new landscaping!

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