VelociCoaster Marquee, Water Features and More! – Late January, 2021 Update

We’ve got a few exciting new things to share with you since our update last weekend! While we welcomed new raptors to the entrance plaza last week, we’ve now got a ride marquee (entrance/sign) as well as active water features. In this update we’ll also look at changes added to Wizarding World of Harry Potter to hide the new Jurassic World coaster.

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We’ll start off with the biggest new changes, which are entry-plaza landscaping, a marquee at the ride entrance, as well as the testing of water features in the first half of the ride. From our understanding, the queue for Jurassic World: VelociCoaster will pass by lockers as part f the queue experience, these lockers can then be opened from the opposite side as riders exit. This will help with not making locker areas over crowded, which is often the case for rides like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, The Incredible Hulk, Revenge of the Mummy and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

Below, enjoy a quick look at our update from last week that featured new raptors as well as a collection of long exposure shots. Use the button below these images to read that update in full!

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