Possible SeaWorld Orlando “Project Penguin” Track Spotted at Ohio Manufacturing Plant

One of our awesome team members, Ian, spotted some B&M track at the Clermont Steel Fabricators Inc. plant in Ohio. Based on our recent findings of the corrections made to the SeaWorld Orlando “Project Penguin” permits, we have reason to believe some of this track may be for the new Surf Coaster coming to Orlando. Let’s take a look at the track!

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While no major new B&M projects have been announced yet for the United States in the next few years, we do know that permits for an active B&M project for SeaWorld Orlando have been filed, with possible construction starting as soon as this Spring. The blue tracks at the plant in Ohio are coded “WI” and could be for a Wing Coaster elsewhere, if not for SeaWorld.

While there is some bright royal blue track on site, there is also a set of unpainted pieces of track. It is unclear if these are from the same project.

Upon first viewing, the unfinished track seemed narrower than your typical B&M track, especially compared to Orion track we saw at the facility 2 years ago. This aligns with the possibility that B&M’s new launch coaster concept has a narrower gauge to accompany the unique seating configuration. The unfinished track seen above also looks to form some very tight elements which suggest it is not for a large scale B&M wing or hyper coaster like the blue track may be.

If the unfinished track is indeed the new B&M Surf Coaster, the location for this track at SeaWorld Orlando will be in the special events area towards the front of the park. The project could very well be part of a newly re-imagined entry to the park.

SWO Penguin Plan Overlay

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