Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update February 7th 2015

Woohoo! A lot of change on Twisted Colossus and Scream! already! I separated the Six Flags Magic Mountain update and this update, since this one will be a lot bigger. At the end of this update, you’ll find the link to the actual SFMM Update from the same day. (Please note that it had rained all day before I arrived, and it was incredibly cloudy and even foggy later on, I took the pictures to my best ability and settings on the camera, but they may be a bit grayish).

I’ll be starting off with all the Twisted Colossus changes.

They’re still working with the drop track, seriously whenever I’m at the park they’re working on the drops. The structure under the lift-hill used to have track cross through to approach the old break-run. Currently that gap is being filled with more supporting structures, which they’re building over and through the old track. 20150207_162402 (Large)¬†It was challenging to get a picture of the beginning of the High Five element, I even rode the little train in Whistlestop Park to see if I could get a better shot. But nope… So try look for it… ūüėÄ There’s a lot of blue track stored next to the structure. I’m expecting that to be placed this upcoming week.20150207_162501 (Large)¬†Notice the weird looking structure in between the two larger mass structures? That’s the new structure that they were putting together last week. 20150207_162506 (Large)¬†The entire track preceding the actual High Five has been placed. Including the tiny drops after the hills.¬†20150207_162434 (Large) 20150207_162414 (Large)¬†On the other side of the ride, more of the original structure has been taken away. The footers and dip in the ground below (where the original triple jump was located) is now coated with asphalt.¬†20150207_162024 (Large) 20150207_161947 (Large)¬†Exciting, and not exciting, news… The brake-runs have been placed.¬†20150207_162009 (Large)¬†The green track above is the final brake run. Which is still missing catwalks on the top brake. But the brake that leads back to the station has catwalks already. Now note what’s up with the blue track below…20150207_162031 (Large) 20150207_162109 (Large)¬†Yup, that’s a brake-run too! The videos and materials the park provided show a curved turn that leads right into the second lift-hill. Which, when you think about it, would not really allow for the trains to line-up, and would put a lot of force on the lift-hill structure. Since it’ll have a lot of speed approaching the second lift. So indeed, there’s a brake run before the second lift. With catwalks already placed.¬†20150207_162258 (Large) 20150207_162301 (Large)The Twisted Colossus trains arrived yesterday, were stored at the Colossus entrance this morning, and at night they were relocated somewhere else again. I’m not sure where they are now.¬†B9M7wi2CIAAot5Z¬†One last look at Twisted Colossus, they’re working on the structure EVERYWHERE!¬†20150207_162529 (Large)

Let’s move on to Scream! or whatever it’ll be called when it reopens! (Yes, the name will change, it’s still unknown to me what the name will be). The new park maps should reveal the name!

The first part of the drop has been painted all blue.¬†20150207_161900 (Large) 20150207_161800 (Large)¬†More of the Dive Loop/ Reversed Immelman has been painted all blue.¬†20150207_161857 (Large)¬†More of the Zero-G-Roll has also been painted all blue.¬†20150207_161502 (Large)¬†Here are some good shots of what the painted supports look like. Only the supports in the helix have been painted so far. And from that helix-track, only 1/4th has been painted all blue yet.¬†20150207_161548 (Large)¬†PARKING LOT! Hopefully they’ll cover that up, finally.¬†20150207_161515 (Large)¬†Let’s get to the corkscrews! It’s like we’re looking at Bizarro!¬†20150207_161729 (Large)¬†I honestly kind of like the look of it with the purple supports, but it sure will look even better with the freshly repainted orange supports!20150207_161353 (Large)¬†Notice that the second corkscrew is yet to be repainted.¬†20150207_161605 (Large) 20150207_161306 (Large)¬†A couple more shots of the repaint.¬†20150207_161235 (Large) 20150207_161223 (Large)

That was it for this week, lots of change, some surprises for people that didn’t expect the extra break-run on Twisted Colossus! Thanks for reading this update! Make sure to check out the Six Flags Magic Mountain Update of the same day, by clicking here. Which includes more repaints, X2 station work, reopening of Wonder Woman and more!

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  1. I think Scream! would look good in blue and purple. To me, that seems to fit the “steampunk” theme better than blue and bright orange. But we’ll see when the whole project is complete in a few months.

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